Coca-Cola to launch a soft drink inspired by League of Legends

Coca-Cola to launch a soft drink inspired by League of Legends

27. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Coca-Cola will soon launch a soft drink inspired by the popular and beloved League of Legends game. The soft drink intended to be enjoyed by all fans of the title is called Coca-Cola Ultimate.

Cola-themed data leakers Soda Seekers have reported via Twitter what is coming soon for Coca-Cola. Again, the company, this time, has been inspired by League of Legends to launch a new version of its popular drink.

On the other hand, thanks to Soda Seekers, it was possible to know the launch date of Coca-Cola Ultimate, and we could also see how the packaging design is.

Launching of Coca-Cola inspired by LoL

According to the information provided by the Soda Seekers leaker, this new drink’s launch date will be from June to September this year. However, he has not specified a specific date.

The new Coca-Cola drink appears to be part of the Coke Creations series. Usually, the beverages in this experimental Coke series do not taste good; people think they have some manufacturing error and have never managed to stay for a long time in the market. Now, let’s talk about some of the more intriguing variations Coke Creations has made:

  • Starlight, this Coke had a graham cracker flavor.
  • Marshmello, this Coke had a strawberry and watermelon flavor.
  • Dreamworld, this Coke had a pineapple flavor.

Coca-Cola Ultimate

Now comes a new drink, “+XP flavored,” which incorporates League of Legends and The Rift elements. It is important to note that this collaboration between Riot Games and Coca-Cola is not the first of these two companies to launch a drink.

Both companies started working together almost ten years ago, to be exact, in 2014. Additionally, Riot Games and Coca-Cola have sponsorship agreements for esports.

One of the most recent collaborations between the two companies was seen recently; all Coca-Cola cans worldwide had a design inspired by LoL: Wild Rift.

In addition, Riot has Coca-Cola as a sponsor for all 2022 World Championships.

Now, with this new drink, many doubts arise, such as the following:

  • +XP flavored will manage to attract young gamers?
  • What will be the flavor of the new drink?
  • Will the public like the taste of +XP flavored, or will it be just another drink?

These questions will be answered after its launch. We will see how the new Coca-Cola performs in the market and how the public receives one of the peculiar beverages of the Coke Creations series.