Cloud9’s Early VALORANT Roster Change for VCT Americas 2024

Cloud9’s Early VALORANT Roster Change for VCT Americas 2024

7. March 2024 by Never

Cloud9, a prominent esports organization, has made a significant roster change at the outset of the VCT Americas 2024 season, parting ways with Maxim “wippie” Shepelev after just three regular-season matches. This marks Cloud9’s second consecutive year of making early roster adjustments.

Wippie’s Departure

Wippie, a Russian player signed in the offseason, has been released after a brief stint with Cloud9. Despite winning 13 out of 30 maps played across the offseason and the VCT Americas Kickoff, the team only secured two out of seven maps during the Kickoff, leading to this unexpected decision.

Player Statement

In a free agency announcement, wippie expressed that his time with Cloud9 did not go as planned and conveyed his eagerness to return to playing “as soon as possible,” irrespective of the region or competitive level. This departure comes only six months after his initial signing.

Cloud9’s History of Swift Roster Changes

This move echoes Cloud9’s strategy from the previous VCT season, where they made quick roster changes following the VCT LOCK//IN tournament in 2023. Role issues prompted the split with yay, a big free agent signing, and in-game leader vanity also left the team shortly after.

Impact on 2023 Season

Despite the abrupt changes in the 2023 season, Cloud9 managed to make a mark in VCT Americas play by integrating two rookies, jakee and runi. They finished fourth in playoffs and came close to qualifying for Champions on two separate occasions.

Opportunities in 2024

With the 2024 schedule allowing more time for roster adjustments and no Masters Madrid participation, Cloud9 has the opportunity to carefully fill the vacant position. The NA Challengers rosters still being in flux provides ample time for C9 to explore various players and potentially discover a breakout talent alongside OXY.

Cloud9’s Proactive Roster Change: Building for Success in VCT Americas 2024

 Cloud9’s early roster change reflects their commitment to staying competitive in the ever-evolving esports landscape. As they navigate through player adjustments, the team aims to build a formidable roster for the upcoming challenges in the VCT Americas 2024 season.