Cloud9 Maintains Undefeated Streak with Dominant Win over LOUD in VCT Americas 2024

Cloud9 Maintains Undefeated Streak with Dominant Win over LOUD in VCT Americas 2024

22. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Cloud9 showcased their dominance in the VCT Americas 2024 tournament, securing an impressive victory against LOUD during the third week of competition. With an undefeated record thus far, Cloud9’s revamped roster proved their mettle in a thrilling showdown against their opponents.

Recap of the Match: Cloud9 vs. LOUD

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Map 1: Bind

The match kicked off with Cloud9‘s OXY delivering an exceptional performance in the pistol round, securing three crucial kills. Despite LOUD’s efforts to stage a comeback, Cloud9 maintained their momentum, with pivotal plays from their players securing crucial rounds.

Despite a valiant effort from LOUD, Cloud9‘s strategic prowess and individual skill led them to a narrow victory in a tightly contested first map.

Map 2: Icebox

Cloud9 continued their dominance in the second map, with OXY once again showcasing their prowess with a stellar pistol round performance. With coordinated plays and solid teamwork, Cloud9 quickly gained the upper hand, establishing a commanding lead over LOUD.

Despite LOUD’s attempts to mount a comeback, Cloud9‘s relentless aggression and calculated strategies proved too much to handle, securing them a decisive victory on Icebox.

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Map 3: Lotus

In the decider map, LOUD showed resilience by securing an early advantage with a pistol round win. However, Cloud9 swiftly turned the tide in their favor, with a series of strategic plays and clutch performances propelling them to victory.

Despite LOUD’s valiant efforts to stage a comeback, Cloud9 maintained their composure and secured the win, maintaining their undefeated record in the tournament.

Cloud9’s Dominance Continues

Cloud9‘s victory over LOUD solidifies their position as one of the top contenders in VCT Americas 2024. With their undefeated streak intact, Cloud9 has showcased their exceptional skill, teamwork, and adaptability throughout the tournament.

As they continue their journey towards the championship title, Cloud9 remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of competitive Valorant.


Cloud9’s flawless performance against LOUD in VCT Americas 2024 reaffirms their status as a dominant force in the tournament. With their undefeated record intact, Cloud9’s stellar gameplay and strategic prowess position them as strong contenders for the championship title.

As they continue to showcase their skill and determination, Cloud9 sets the bar high for their competitors in the competitive Valorant scene.

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