Cloud9 Returns to Rainbow Six Siege After 3 Years Away

Cloud9 Returns to Rainbow Six Siege After 3 Years Away

13. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Cloud9, a prominent name in esports, has made a triumphant return to the Rainbow Six Siege scene after a three-year absence. The announcement came in February when Cloud9 teased their in-game items, which had been removed when their previous Rainbow Six Siege team disbanded. S

peculation ran rampant in the community, anticipating a potential comeback, until the official announcement finally arrived. Cloud9’s re-entry into Rainbow Six Siege comes through a strategic partnership with Beastcoast, the current champions of the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024.

The collaboration will see the team compete under the banner of “Cloud9 Beastcoast,” symbolizing a joint effort rather than a straightforward replacement of one organization by another.

The Cloud9 Beastcoast Roster

The newly formed Cloud9 Beastcoast roster boasts a lineup of seasoned players and support staff:

  • Ayden “dfuzr” Gabari
  • Gaven “Gaveni” Black
  • Shaun “Gunnar” Pottorff
  • Matthew “Hotancold” Stevens
  • Zachary “SpiriTz” Dionne
  • Eric “Fettuccine” Tong (Coach)
  • Anthony “Froshii” Nassar (Analyst)

Cloud9 Beastcoast’s First Tournament: Esports World Cup Qualifiers

Cloud9 Beastcoast’s immediate goal is to secure a spot in the prestigious Esports World Cup. With a substantial $2 million prize pool up for grabs, qualification begins with open qualifiers across multiple regions. Teams from around the world will vie for the coveted slots.

Y5S1 ProTeams Cloud9 Valkyrie 792x360

Here’s a breakdown of the qualification stages:

Open Qualifiers (OQ) and Closed Qualifiers (CQ) Dates

RegionSlotsOQ DatesCQ Dates
Brazil4Jun. 19 – Jun. 23Jun. 28 – Jun. 30
North America3Jun. 26 – Jun. 30Jul. 5 – Jul. 7
Europe3Jun. 19 – Jun. 23Jul. 5 – Jul. 7
LATAM1Jun. 20 – Jun. 23Jul. 3 – Jul. 4
Asia1Jun. 27 – Jun. 30Jul. 3 – Jul. 4
South Korea1Jun. 20 – Jun. 23Jun. 29 – Jun. 30
Japan1Jun. 27 – Jun. 30Jul. 6 – Jul. 7
Oceania1Jun. 20 – Jun. 23Jun. 26 – Jun. 27
MENA1Jun. 27 – Jun. 30Jul. 2 – Jul. 3


Cloud 9 (416) with signature six 21 attachment skin
byu/Far-Understanding475 inR6SiegeFashionAdvice


Cloud9’s return has sparked considerable excitement within the esports community, especially as they prepare to navigate the rigorous EWC qualifiers. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see how the newly formed Cloud9 Beastcoast roster will perform on the international stage after their prolonged hiatus.

Stay tuned for more updates as Cloud9 Beastcoast sets its sights on the Esports World Cup and beyond.

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