Cloud9 professional VALORANT player responds to his girlfriend’s controversial message

Cloud9 professional VALORANT player responds to his girlfriend’s controversial message

27. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently a professional VALORANT player from Cloud9 has been involved in a controversy due to a message posted by his girlfriend on Social Networks.

Controversial message from girlfriend jakee

The girlfriend of professional player Jake “jakee” Anderson has posted a very controversial message after jakee, and his team lost to KRÜ Esports and Leviathan in the LCQ.

Following Cloud9’s elimination from the VCT Americas LCQ competition, jakee has been heavily criticized for the controversy started by his girlfriend. jakee’s girlfriend, in her social networks, goes by the nickname “Julee.” This girl has posted a message that has annoyed the VALORANT community in Latin America.

The girl posted the following message after her boyfriend jakee was eliminated after the loss to Leviathan 3-2.

“Latam mfs hating on NA like how they afford to hv phones when they living in a 3rd world country; go get a job or something.”

Undoubtedly, Julee’s xenophobic message against Latin Americans has caused great upset in the community. After seeing the community’s reaction, the girl decided to private all her social networks.

Jakee responds to his girlfriend Julee’s message

Jakee responded to the community’s reaction more than four days later with a post on his account, rejecting the comment made by his girlfriend.

In the message posted by jakee, he states that his girlfriend’s comment is not aligned with his beliefs and convictions. Furthermore, jakee comments that he is dealing with this issue privately and asks for understanding from all fans.

The community’s reaction to Jakee’s message has not been well received. Many of the player’s fans are calling his response a PR message. Moreover, the player’s fans have brought to light a message posted by jakee, which aligns perfectly with the girlfriend’s beliefs. However, the said message by jakee was quickly deleted.

In the deleted message from Jakee’s account, the player commented as follows:

“People haters on Twitter, no job, no partner, not even good at the game, delete the app, go to your local Mcdonald’s and fill out a job application.”

At the moment, Cloud9 has not commented on the controversy that the jakee player is experiencing.

Jakee joined Cloud9 with Soniqs “‘runi'” Dylan last March. Both players came to the team to replace Jaccob ‘Yay’ Whiteaker and Anthony ‘Vanity’ Malaspina.

After jakee and runi joined the team, Cloud9 went 8-1 in the regular season of the VCT Americas. However, they were eliminated in the quarterfinals and consequently missed a spot at the VCT Masters Tokyo.

Following this elimination, Cloud9 has ended the VCT season. Whether the team will retain the roster or make adjustments before the off-season is unknown.