C9 Oxy Reflects on Early Exit from VCT Americas Play-in: “We Have a Long Year and a Long Road Ahead”

C9 Oxy Reflects on Early Exit from VCT Americas Play-in: “We Have a Long Year and a Long Road Ahead”

28. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Cloud9’s journey in the VCT Americas Kickoff tournament ended sooner than expected, raising questions about their performance. We caught up with Francis “OXY” Hoang, Cloud9’s emerging Duelist player, to discuss the loss, his expectations, and the team’s path forward.

Facing the Pressure of the Big Stage

When asked about the tournament environment, OXY acknowledged the expected hype and pressure. Despite the challenges, he remains optimistic about adapting to the competitive atmosphere.

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High Expectations and Performance

OXY expressed high personal expectations, aiming for victory despite the mixed expectations surrounding his entry into Cloud9. While feeling he played decently, he acknowledged a need to improve, particularly in gunfights.

Rematch Woes and Map Choices

Discussing the rematch against MIBR, OXY highlighted the decision to pick the same maps. This strategic choice backfired as MIBR adapted with new compositions, leading to Cloud9’s downfall.

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Double Duelist Complications

In the intense overtime loss on Bind, OXY analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Cloud9’s double Duelist comp. While the Yoru role allowed for more solo duels and information gathering, the team faced challenges in giving up fights they shouldn’t have.

Duelist Dynamics: Yoru vs. Jett

OXY shed light on the distinctions between playing Yoru and Jett. Switching between the agents requires adjusting playstyles, with Jett as the main Duelist on certain maps and Yoru offering versatility for solo plays and map traversal.

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Learning from Losses

Reflecting on his Jett performance against MIBR on Ascent, OXY couldn’t pinpoint the exact issue but emphasized the importance of accepting losses and remembering the long season ahead.

Team Support and Positive Outlook

OXY credited his teammates for their positive and encouraging demeanor. Despite the early exit, the team remains optimistic, focusing on refinement and improvement as they gear up for the regular season.

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Recommendations for the Future

As Cloud9 looks ahead, OXY emphasized the need for refinement and tuning. With the demonstrated capability to compete against top teams, he believes the team’s positive mindset and commitment will lead to success in the long season ahead.