Cloud9 is the first LCS representative at LoL Worlds 2023

Cloud9 is the first LCS representative at LoL Worlds 2023

6. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Team Cloud9 is the first LCS team to secure their spot at the 2023 LoL Worlds. Without a doubt, Cloud9 has had a tough road to securing their spot at the most important event in LoL esports, but they did it.

Cloud9 will be present at LoL Worlds 2023

Cloud9 had to beat Evil Geniuses before securing their spot at the 2023 LoL Worlds, and they did just that. After a tough battle, Cloud9 defeated Evil Geniuses 3-0, and the team also secured their tenth appearance at this year’s Worlds.

Cloud9, after this victory, saves going through the qualifying phase for the Worlds and secures its place. All this was possible by finishing among the top three teams in the Summer Split.

Undoubtedly, this organization has remained consistent and returns for the 10th time to the biggest LoL tournament. Recall that from 2013 to date, C9 has only been absent one year, specifically in 2020.

Cloud9’s excellent performance

On the other hand, C9 is only two games away from being crowned with the top title in the North American region. The performance of this team has led them to be at the top. In the spring, they finished in first place; in the summer, they were among the best teams in the LCS. If C9 wins the Summer Split, it will set a historical record for an organization to win two LCS championships in a row.

According to information revealed by C9 jungler Blaber, the team has not shown its full potential. He claims that they are just starting their way to the Worlds. On the other hand, Blaber has promised all his followers not to lose any match, and the player thinks that his team has a higher potential than his rivals. At the same time, Blaber said that he hopes to show the team’s full potential by winning the next matches.

Blaber has shown in the match against EG that they have what it takes to defeat the other two rivals, separating them from the championship title. In C9’s match with EG, Blaber extended their win record to 14 wins and zero losses in 2023.

Although C9 won the match against EG, the team had to fight with all their might for this victory, especially in the third game. However, excellent teamwork led them to keep the rival at bay and finally take the victory.

At the moment, C9 is waiting to find out who their next opponent will be. After the Golden Guardians and NRG match, we will know who C9 will face next.