Cloud9 Bids Farewell to Rocket League Roster After Just 3 Months

Cloud9 Bids Farewell to Rocket League Roster After Just 3 Months

8. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a surprising turn of events, Cloud9 has announced their decision to part ways with their Rocket League roster. This North American esports organization, renowned for its competitive teams across various titles, has decided to let go of their Rocket League lineup after only three months of signing them.

A Promising Start

Cloud9 signed their Rocket League roster in April this year, creating a buzz among fans who were eager to see the team’s potential in action. The signing was met with high expectations, and many anticipated a strong performance from the new roster.

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Disappointing Results

However, the reality did not meet the expectations. The team struggled to achieve significant success, failing to qualify for multiple leagues through open qualifiers.

Their performance was below par in key tournaments, finishing 4th in the Frost Esports Polar League #3 and a disappointing 9-11th in the NA Regional qualifier. These poor results played a crucial role in Cloud9’s decision to drop the roster.

Official Statement from Cloud9

Cloud9 has expressed their ongoing commitment to Rocket League and reassured fans that they will continue to compete in the esport. The organization is expected to announce a new roster soon.

We are committed to competing in Rocket League and will have more roster information soon.


The Rocket League Championship Scene: Recent Tournament Highlights

The Rocket League Champs held at the Copperbox Arena in London last month attracted massive crowds. G2 Stride emerged victorious, defeating Team Falcons 4-1 in the Grand Finals. This victory earned G2 Stride $75,000 in prize money and 40 RLCS points.

Upcoming Dry Season

With the RLCS Champs approaching, there will be a temporary lull in Rocket League esports events. This period is expected to see several organizations dropping their current rosters, only to reassemble them closer to the new season’s start.

Former Cloud9 Rocket League Roster

The former Cloud9 Rocket League roster consisted of the following members:

  • Kadin “Zineel” Zineelabidine
  • Oliver Kenneth “percy.” Ortiz
  • Hunter “LionBlaze” Woitas
  • Didi “Didi” Eragoda (Coach)

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Key Takeaways

  1. Cloud9 has parted ways with their Rocket League roster after a string of poor results.
  2. The organization remains committed to Rocket League and will announce a new roster soon.
  3. The Rocket League Champs saw G2 Stride winning the event, with a dominant performance.
  4. A dry season in Rocket League esports is anticipated as teams prepare for the RLCS Champs.

Final Toughts

As Cloud9 looks to rebuild their Rocket League roster, fans can expect the organization to come back stronger. The upcoming dry season provides a perfect opportunity for teams to reassess and strategize for the future. Stay tuned for more updates on Cloud9’s new lineup and the evolving Rocket League competitive scene.

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