Cloud9’s Resurgence in Apex Legends: Welcoming GKS to the Fold

Cloud9’s Resurgence in Apex Legends: Welcoming GKS to the Fold

14. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Cloud9 makes a triumphant return to Apex Legends, re-entering the competitive scene by signing the formidable roster known as GKS. This marks a significant comeback for the organization, demonstrating a renewed commitment to the game with a focus on player development and success.

A Notable Re-Entry

While Cloud9’s departure from Apex Legends was relatively quiet compared to other organizations, their return speaks volumes about the evolving landscape of competitive gaming. Financial challenges and lack of support from EA prompted their initial exit, but they’re now back with a renewed vigor and determination.

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Meet the GKS Roster

Cloud9’s latest venture into Apex Legends brings back a familiar face in Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis, who previously spent 18 months with the organization from 2021 to 2022. Joining him are Nathan “ChaoticMuch” Gajkiewicz and Jason “Sauceror” Li, rounding out a formidable lineup poised for success.

Strengthening the Coaching Structure

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In addition to the talented roster, Cloud9 has assembled a formidable coaching team to support their players. Former NRG and OpTic coach Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy brings his wealth of experience in refining macro strategies, managing player dynamics, and fostering team chemistry.

Joining him is Alex “coldjyn” Nicholls, a renowned analyst known for his statistical prowess and ability to extract every advantage from the game.

The Players: A Closer Look

StayNaughty: A Seasoned Controller Player


Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis is a household name in the Apex Legends scene, known for his exceptional mechanical skills and unwavering dedication.

His return to Cloud9 signifies a homecoming of sorts, where he achieved significant success in his career. With his sharp shooting prowess, StayNaughty is set to make a considerable impact on the battlefield once again.

Sauceror: The Rising Star

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While Sauceror may be less familiar to some, his journey in Apex Legends speaks volumes about his potential. Despite his young age, Sauceror brings a wealth of experience and a strong track record of competitive success to Cloud9. With newfound roles and leadership responsibilities, he is poised to excel alongside his teammates.

ChaoticMuch: From Console to Competitor


Briton Nathan “ChaoticMuch” Gajkiewicz has quickly made a name for himself since transitioning from console to PC gaming in 2021.

His journey through various teams and leagues has shaped him into a formidable competitor, demonstrating his resilience and work ethic along the way. As part of Cloud9, ChaoticMuch is ready to showcase his skills on the grand stage.

Looking Ahead: The Path to LAN

Cloud9’s re-entry into Apex Legends comes at a crucial time, with the team gearing up for the upcoming Regional Finals. With their talented roster and experienced coaching staff, they are poised to make a splash in the competitive scene.

While their journey may have its challenges, Cloud9’s return signifies a new chapter in their Apex Legends legacy—one filled with promise and potential.