CLG starts huge wave of layoffs – players react

CLG starts huge wave of layoffs – players react

6. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

Apparently CLG might be closing their doors, at least rumors started surfacing of them allegedly starting to lay off workers. On the 3rd of April one of their content creators said that the time of CLG’s employees has come and many of them will be fired. Travis Gafford further stated that Madison Square Garden Entertainment, the owners of CLG want to get rid of the whole project, shutting it down or selling it.

Based oninitial reactions from members of the organization, it now looks like the rumors will be confirmed.

Will CLG disband?

Of course many of the current staffers and players have responded to reports of a number of employees quitting and a possible closure of the organization. Gafford has said that “all employees,” including CLG head Greg Kim, are going to be fired.

Because of the obvious value of the League of Legends team they might stay a little longer, probably until their LCS slot is sold off to someone else. “The Esports Advocate” has confirmed that a number of layoffs have occurred at CLG, although it could not have guessed the extent of financial trouble that CLG is in.

The reactions employees

Danielle Fox, the marketing director of CLG pulle the typical PR move of asking for time: “We’ll be talking about it on Thursday,” she added. Often those situations are highly volatile and there might be changes in the coming days.

A social media and marketing employee “PundAndBuns” simply used the words fo José Mourinho, ex-Manager of Manchester United: “When I speak, I’m in big trouble.” Then she added: “I have seen that esports can exist without money, I have seen that esports can exist with tons of money. As long as there are people who love to play games and people who love to hold tournaments, Esport will never die.”

Another creator, Nemo Zhou, kept it short: “Well, that sucks.”

What the players say

CLG runs quite a few divisions, VALORANT, Apex Legends, Fortnite, CS:GO and even Super Smash Bros. many players’ careers are in danger! One of their female CS:GO players Marissa ‘madss’ Dasta posted a very frank statement

“It was a really hard f***ing day. Just heartbroken.” another player, Vivienne ‘BiBiAhn’ Quach said: ” I’m crushed. It hurts.” James ‘VoiD’ Makekau-Tyson their Super Smash Bros. pro stated: “[I’ve] been on a plane for the last six hours, but it’s just not working, man…” The League of Legends players, who are allegedly safe for now also took to twitter to voice their concern, Juan ‘Contractz’ Garcia asked for the neares McDonald’s (his next job, very funny!)

Niship ‘Dhokla’ Doshi sent a sad face emote. Looks like the rumors are unfortunately true and that we’ll have to slowly say goodbye to this organization that has been with us since the beginning of Esports.