Chess Affirms Its Presence in Streaming: Resounding Success of the 2024 Candidates Tournament

Chess Affirms Its Presence in Streaming: Resounding Success of the 2024 Candidates Tournament

29. April 2024 by Never

In a world dominated by ultra-realistic graphics and vast open worlds, traditional board games may seem outdated. However, chess continues to captivate audiences precisely due to its relative simplicity. The game’s nearly perfect balance lends itself to narrative, engaging even casual viewers in the mental battles and strategies of competitors.

The Rise of Gukesh Dommaraju: A New Era in Chess Begins with the 2024 Candidates Tournament

The 2024 Candidates Tournament stands out as a pivotal event in the chess calendar, with the winner earning the right to compete for the World Champion title. Gukesh Dommaraju, a 17-year-old Indian prodigy, emerged victorious in this tournament

marking the beginning of a new era for chess following the retirement of long-reigning champion Magnus Carlsen and the emergence of new faces in competitive play. As goals evolve and new players enter the scene, audiences flock to follow the action.

Streaming Success of the 2024 Candidates Tournament

The 2024 Candidates Tournament showcased chess’s thriving presence on streaming platforms, amassing 3.9 million hours viewed and peaking at 215,000 viewers, according to data from our partners at Stream Hatchet. Most viewers tuned in via official channels like Chess (on Twitch) and chess24, with only 1.8% of the audience coming from co-streaming.

A lower co-streaming percentage suggests that the audience is more interested in the game itself rather than personalities broadcasting it, a notable contrast to esports like Rainbow Six Siege, where co-streaming constitutes a significant portion of viewership.

Trends Among Popular Chess Streamers

A notable trend among popular chess streamers is the high representation of women. AnnaCramling, a FIDE Women’s Master, ranks as the second most-viewed chess streamer, exemplifying the diversity and talent within the streaming community.

The BotezLive channel, featuring chess-playing sisters Alexandra and Andrea, also ranks among the top female streamers in March.

Chess vs. Other Traditional Games in Streaming

Chess leads among traditional games in streaming, outperforming poker by 26 million hours viewed over the past year. In comparison, games like Codenames and Monopoly Plus lag significantly behind with 5.7 million and 5.1 million hours viewed, respectively.

While these games perform better in Let’s Play formats, where edited content highlights key moments, their popularity underscores a renewed appreciation for classic gaming aesthetics.

Classic Games and New Horizons: Exploring the Enduring Appeal of Traditional Games in Streaming

The enduring popularity of traditional games in streaming reflects audiences’ appreciation for classic games alongside the hype surrounding new video game releases.

As Gukesh prepares to challenge current world champion Ding Liren later this year, the chess community eagerly anticipates the outcome, demonstrating the enduring allure of this ancient game in the digital age.