Flexibility Returns to Valorant: Changes in Patch 7.07

Flexibility Returns to Valorant: Changes in Patch 7.07

4. October 2023 by madara s

Riot Games takes a step back regarding rank restrictions in ranked matches, adjusts Cypher, and introduces more bug fixes in Valorant’s latest update.

Reversing Rank Restrictions

A fundamental feature of online video games is the ability to play with friends. After a controversial decision made in the previous patch, Riot Games decided to listen to the community and revoked the rank restriction for groups of 5 implemented in version 7.06. The original intent of this restriction was to prevent non-genuine rank advancement. However, the developer decided that flexibility in group play outweighs the issues that a few players might cause. Although Riot recognizes there is a risk, they plan to find a more balanced solution.

Agent Changes

Cypher, the agent known for his intelligence and surveillance skills, has received a significant tweak in his ultimate ability. Now, his Neural Theft (X) ability completes even if he falls after activating it. This change is crucial as it enhances the use of this ability in more compromising situations.

Additionally, improvements were made to other agents, like enhancing Gekko’s enemy detection when inside Viper’s Viper’s Pit.

General and Performance Improvements

Apart from the agent changes, this update addressed several general errors and in Premier mode. Technical details were fixed, from sound issues to the correction of specific bugs in the overtime voting process in Premier mode.

Map-wise, Haven received a visual improvement in the destructible door of Mid Doors/Garage to provide better visibility.

Lastly, performance improvements were made, enabling multi-core rendering for certain graphics and adjusting processor requirements.

The importance of listening to the community

Riot Games has once again demonstrated its commitment to the community, listening to their concerns, and making adjustments accordingly. It’s crucial to stay updated with these changes to adapt and optimize the gaming experience.