Revolutionary Changes in Summoner’s Rift: What’s Coming in League of Legends

Revolutionary Changes in Summoner’s Rift: What’s Coming in League of Legends

17. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Unexpected Leaks Reveal a Different Future for the Most Iconic map

Summoner’s Rift has been the preferred battlefield for millions of League of Legends esports players over the years. Now, it seems that Riot Games, the mastermind behind this emblematic game, has some tweaks up their sleeve.

Anticipating Season 14

As Season 13 draws to a close, players wonder what Riot will bring for the next year. Speculations suggest that one of the big surprises for the preseason could be a revamped Summoner’s Rift.

The Coven Collection and its Hidden Secrets

Recently, with the debut of the new skins from the Coven Collection, a savvy data miner discovered more than just simple outfits. In a short video shared by the design team, showcasing sound effects, the map seemed to have a renewed look. Although the clip was quickly removed, the changes did not go unnoticed.

Strategic Modifications to the Terrain

The adjustments visible in the video are potentially transformative:

  • The river appears to have a larger flow.
  • The bush dividing the river from the middle lane has been relocated.
  • A wall is introduced that isolates the entrance to the terrain towards the blue buff on the blue side of the Rift.
  • The Baron Nashor area undergoes a significant change, with the removal of the walls surrounding it, making team fights near this bonus more challenging. Questions arise about whether the Dragon will receive a similar treatment.

Impact on the Jungle Role

While Riot has been adjusting the jungle role in recent updates, these map changes would elevate the complexity of this role to a new level. Strategy would be completely transformed, especially when the elemental dragons make their appearance.

Rumors for the Next Season

Although these changes are intriguing and promise to revolutionize the game, it’s important to note that Riot Games has made no official announcement. The community eagerly awaits the next development update, where, hopefully, more will be revealed about what’s coming for the preseason.