Changes in Apex Legends Competitive Scene: OpTic Gaming Withdraws, Team Liquid Returns

Changes in Apex Legends Competitive Scene: OpTic Gaming Withdraws, Team Liquid Returns

19. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a series of surprising moves in the competitive world of Apex Legends, OpTic Gaming has announced its departure from the scene, while Team Liquid makes a triumphant return, promising to be instant contenders in the ALGS.

OpTic Gaming Bows Out of Apex Legends

After two years in the Apex Legends scene, OpTic Gaming has decided to retire from the game. The decision comes after their team failed to qualify for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles, marking the end of an era for the organization in Apex Legends competitive play.

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OpTic Gaming’s Legacy in the ALGS

Despite their exit, OpTic Gaming left a notable legacy in the ALGS, including a second-place finish in the ALGS: 2023 Championship and victories in events like the JBL Quantum Cup 2022 and the Code: Red Freedom Season 1 Finals. Their departure comes as a surprise to many, especially given their commitment as a partner of the ALGS year 4.

Team Liquid Makes a Strong Comeback

Meanwhile, Team Liquid has announced its return to the competitive Apex Legends scene. With a roster comprised of Saul “YanYa” Ocampo Plascencia, Luis Enrique “Neazul” Ramos Suarez, Alexis “Jaguares” Martinez, and coach Steven “Pistillo” Rojas, Liquid returns as a top-tier contender in the ALGS.

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Expectations for Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s comeback is met with excitement from the community, as the team has been consistently strong in the past. With an impressive track record in ALGS events, Team Liquid is expected to compete at the highest level and have a legitimate chance of winning in the upcoming Split One Playoffs in Los Angeles.

Virtus.Pro Returns to Apex Legends with 2-Time ALGS LAN Champion Team


As OpTic Gaming bids farewell to Apex Legends, their departure marks the end of an era in competitive play. However, with Team Liquid’s triumphant return, the scene is infused with renewed excitement and anticipation.

As both organizations navigate their paths, fans eagerly await the unfolding of new rivalries and epic showdowns in the ALGS arena. With each twist and turn, the dynamic landscape of Apex Legends esports continues to evolve, promising thrills and surprises for players and spectators alike.