Champions of Champions Tour Returns with New Circuit for CS2

Champions of Champions Tour Returns with New Circuit for CS2

9. April 2024 by Never

The Counter-Strike Champion of Champions Tour series makes a comeback with a second season for 2024/2025. The tournament will undergo several changes, including the consolidation of Europe into a single region, and will feature a total prize pool of $1.5M, around $100,000 more than the first season.


The Champion of Champions Tour is a large-scale series created in 2022 by esports data company GRID and involved several notable tournament organizing partners. For the new season, tournament organizer EDEN Esports, based in Malta, will be responsible for all CCT regions, except for the Oceania region, which will be managed by LetsPlay.Live.

Past Season Highlights

The first season of the CCT will conclude with the World Finals in May 2024. The finals will feature participation from renowned esports teams such as, Team Spirit, MIBR, and Berlin International Gaming (BIG), among others.

GRID Announces Champion of Champions Tour Season 2
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Upcoming Changes

Interestingly, the new season will begin before the current one ends. The first matches of the second season are scheduled for April 15, 2024, approximately one month before the first season concludes at the end of May. For the new season, organizers decided to consolidate Europe into a single region, departing from the previous format that had the continent separated into multiple divisions.

2025 CS2 Season: Regional Distribution and Path to World Finals

In the new season, Europe will host 20 online events, South America will have eight, and both North America and Oceania will have four events each. The top teams will advance to the next stages to qualify for the 2025 World Finals.