Discover Cenarius in Warcraft Rumble: Abilities, Traits, Talents, and More

Discover Cenarius in Warcraft Rumble: Abilities, Traits, Talents, and More

6. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Warcraft Rumble enthusiasts, rejoice! Cenarius and a slew of new Cenarion additions are now part of Season 7’s Cenarion Summer Festival event. Here’s a detailed look at what Cenarius brings to the battlegrounds of Warcraft Rumble.

Cenarius Overview

Cenarius is a commanding leader unit in Warcraft Rumble, costing 5 gold to deploy. With robust stats and unique abilities, he plays a pivotal role in shaping strategic plays.

  • Health: 600
  • Healing: 25 health every 1.5 seconds
  • Root Duration: 3 seconds



Grove Keeper (Leader Ability):
Cenarion minis gain 20% additional empty health.

Wrath (Attack):
A ranged attack targeting a single unit.


Cenarius comes with a diverse set of traits that enhance his utility on the battlefield:

  • Brambles: Enemies are Rooted for 3 seconds upon entering Cenarius’s area of attack (AoE).
  • Tranquility: Nearby allies benefit from healing over time.
  • Elemental, Resistant, Healer: Additional traits bolstering his defensive and supportive capabilities.

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Cenarius boasts potent talents that amplify his strategic impact:

  • Force of Nature: Summon a Treant upon defeating a rooted enemy. Each Treant has 200 health and deals periodic physical damage.
  • Revitalize: Allies entering Tranquility trigger an extra healing pulse.
  • Wild Growth: Upon deployment, Root all enemies on the board for 5 seconds, setting the stage for tactical maneuvers.

Gameplay and Strategy

According to senior game designer Brendan Farrell, Cenarius excels in board control and sustain, making him invaluable for strategic pushes and defensive maneuvers. His AoE heal and root abilities are crucial for manipulating battlefield dynamics.


Unlocking Cenarius

To acquire Cenarius, participate in the Cenarion Summer Festival event starting July 14, 2024. Alternatively, he will be available for purchase in the shop from July 17 to July 30, as confirmed by Blizzard.


Cenarius emerges as a formidable addition to Warcraft Rumble, blending lore-rich abilities with strategic depth. Whether you’re rooting enemies with Brambles or bolstering allies with Tranquility, Cenarius promises to redefine battlefield dynamics in Season 7.

Stay tuned for more updates and strategies as Warcraft Rumble continues to evolve with new content and challenges.