Celebrating CoD: Mobile’s 4th Anniversary: What’s New?

Celebrating CoD: Mobile’s 4th Anniversary: What’s New?

30. October 2023 by Never

The much-anticipated fourth-anniversary of the renowned FPS mobile game, CoD: Mobile, is drawing close. With the 9th season nearing its end, Activision has started to roll out teasers on what players can expect in this grand celebration. Here’s a comprehensive look at what awaits.

The Return of The Club

Fans of the game will be thrilled to know that the iconic Club is making a comeback in the 10th season. Recent social media posts from the company have confirmed the Club’s return, and this time, it’s packed with new and familiar mini-games, fresh tunes, and dazzling lights. Players should stay tuned for more missions unveiling further details on the upcoming season.

A Brand New Map for Ground War Mode: Isla Memnos

Isla Memnos is all set to be the newest addition to the multiplayer maps. This map is original to CoD: Mobile and is expected to drop in the 10th season. Players should brace themselves for new terrains, challenges, and game dynamics with this fresh addition. However, it’s worth noting that the introduction of this map hasn’t been received with much enthusiasm. A considerable section of the gaming community voiced their desire for a new battle royale location, especially since no new terrains have been added since the adaptation of the Blackout from Black Ops 4 in 2021.

New Weapons on The Horizon

There’s exciting news for weapon enthusiasts too. The classic M249 is about to debut in CoD: Mobile under the avatar of Bruen MK9. This adaptation is from the widely played Modern Warfare of 2019. Furthermore, the much-talked-about killstreak, AC-130, will make its appearance under the title of Gunship. It promises a gameplay experience reminiscent of what players enjoyed in Modern Warfare II.

Looking Ahead

The 10th season promises to be a treat with a multitude of additions lined up. Apart from the previously mentioned updates, two more missions are expected to be rolled out soon, providing more insights into the anniversary season. The countdown has begun, and all eyes are now on the blog post that Activision is expected to publish detailing the upcoming content. According to the timeline shared, the new content will be live starting November 8th (or November 9th for players in Spain).

The Return of New Map

To sum it up, the fourth-anniversary of CoD: Mobile is shaping up to be an eventful one. The game’s loyal fan base has a lot to look forward to – the return of the Club, a new map, and exciting weapon additions. As the date draws closer, players worldwide await more revelations and teasers to fuel their excitement.