The Ultimate Guide to Catching Pyrin Noct in Palworld

The Ultimate Guide to Catching Pyrin Noct in Palworld

28. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Pyrin Noct, renowned for being one of the fastest land mounts in Palworld, is a prized catch for players seeking speed and style. This elusive Pal is primarily located in the volcano region, situated southwest of the map. However, timing is crucial as Pyrin Noct only emerges at night, distinguishing it from its standard daytime counterpart, Pyrin.

Key Attributes of Pyrin Noct

  • Element: Fire/Dark
  • Partner Skill: Black Hare
  • Work Suitability: Kindling Lv2, Lumbering Lv1
  • Potential Loot Drops: Flame Organ, Leather

Palworld Pyrin Noct 1

Preparation for the Volcanic Expedition

Venturing into the volcanic terrain demands specific preparations:

  • Wear Heat Resistant Clothing: To survive the harsh conditions of the volcano region.
  • Beware of Aggressive Pals: The area is notorious for its hostile Pals. Carrying a strong Water Pal for defense is advisable.

Catching Techniques for Pyrin Noct

Pyrin Noct typically appears around level 30. While capturing this elusive Pal can be challenging, here are some effective strategies:

  • Using the Right Sphere: A Giga Sphere can work, but for a higher capture rate, a Hyper Sphere is recommended. Reduce Pyrin Noct’s health significantly to increase capture chances.
  • RNG Method: If direct catching proves difficult, Dark Eggs and Scorching Eggs are viable alternatives. These eggs, obtainable through adventures, occasionally hatch into Pyrin Noct or standard Pyrins.

palworld pyrin noct

Discovering and Capturing the Swift Pyrin Noct

Catching Pyrin Noct in Palworld is an exhilarating challenge that rewards players with one of the game’s fastest land mounts.

By understanding its habitat, timing your venture, equipping properly, and using the right capture techniques, you can successfully add Pyrin Noct to your Paldeck. Embark on this adventure with the right preparation and strategy, and the swift Pyrin Noct can be yours.