Can professional VALORANT players make CS2 streams?

Can professional VALORANT players make CS2 streams?

26. March 2023 by miranda angeles

A few days ago, a professional VALORANT player claimed they could not stream CS2. However, the CEO of Prodigy Agency has commented on the matter and explained the situation of professional players.

The CEO of Prodigy Agency has made it known that VALORANT professional players cannot have sponsorships with other games.

Counter-Strike and VALORANT

The Counter-Strike and VALORANT communities have been greatly alarmed following a live stream by Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, a VALORANT player from Karmine Corp.

In addition, on Twitter, people comment that professional VALORANT players who are part of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) program are not allowed to stream other games. These comments caused the community to disagree.

However, as mentioned above, the CEO of Prodigy Agency has made a statement to clarify the issue, especially now that there is a lot of hype around the release of CS2.

Jérôme Coupez, CEO of Prodicy Agency, has explained to journalist Jake Sucky the situation of the professional players who belong to the VCT program. Coupez states that VALORANT’s professional players can broadcast any game they wish. However, a clause in their contracts prevents them from receiving financial remuneration for content from other games, regardless if it is Overwatch, CS2, or any title.

It appears that Riot Games’ rules are designed to allow players to create the content they want without causing a conflict of interest or interfering with their rights.

In the past, various media outlets claimed that Riot restricted professional gamers from streaming about other games they wanted to make. For example, in 2014, League of Legends players could not stream Dota 2 or Blizzard games. However, according to Jérôme Coupez, this is not the case now.

ScreaM distances itself from all conflicts

The screenshot of ScreaM playing CS2 has triggered another inter-community discussion, this time about whether the Belgian should stream the game, which of the two shooters is superior, and so on.

However, the Karmine Corp player has thus taken advantage of the cross-reproach to distance himself on Twitter from negative comments about any game.

ScreaM has commented on his love for Counter-Strike, reminding people that he has played Valve’s title since 2005; and was a CS:GO pro for over 12 years. He also comments that he has participated in eight Majors.

On the other hand, he mentions many reasons to leave CS:GO, but he will never leave his love for the game. With this comment, ScreaM asks for respect from all users.

Additionally, ScreaM has clarified that his goal is to dominate the professional VALORANT scene.