Can Counter-Strike 2 disrupt esports?

Can Counter-Strike 2 disrupt esports?

27. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Although it seemed like it would never happen, the time is approaching for us to get to know CS2 better and have it among us. The successor of CS:GO, is currently experiencing a great moment, although it is true that this may be due to the uncertainty of its launch. But will it be able to keep up in the long term? It is time to pause and consider the revolution that this shooter hopes to cause its launch’s impact and the game’s potential future.

History of the game

Although, in principle, the change between CS:GO and CS2 seems like a very big step, it is not a novelty for true fans of Valve’s shooter. Let’s remember that this is a video game that has been with us for more than 20 years. The arrival of the first Counter-Strike was back in 2000. Although CS Source came out shortly after, the real change for players and esports of Valve’s title came with the launch of CS:GO. 2012 has marked the starting point of a game that has undoubtedly succeeded as one of the most played multiplayer games and has established itself as one of the most followed esports.

That is why we claim that, although the transition between CS:GO and CS2 may seem significant. Actually, the changes are not something new for the game. In case there was any doubt as to what would happen in this type of change, Valve has previously shown that it is capable of not only improving what is currently there. In addition, the developer brings new aspects to attract new players while managing to hook the not-so-casual ones. But the question now is, will the new CS2 have the ability to achieve this again?

CS2 wreaks havoc before release

Right now, it looks like Valve’s move is working out perfectly. The community has been buzzing about many things surrounding the game without an exact release date. However, gamers know they are about to hear the latest CS:GO news. Many professional players are already focusing all their attention on the new title.

As a result, all players are not only playing more often or entering more CS:GO games. But the game has also reached the peak of active players, setting a new record for each player. The arrival of the final Major for this game also helps to build anticipation and draw users into the game to get the final memories, especially with the case theme.

As we mentioned before, CS:GO is living a historic moment even though the same is not happening in esports. For example, in titles like LoL or VALORANT, we have seen or feel a certain stagnation. Organizations seem to invest less and less money. Moreover, some of these organizations are reducing their expenses. However, as already happened with VALORANT, the launch of CS2 may help to encourage – at least in shooters – the return of brands and competitions that help to strengthen the ecosystem.

Does CS2 have the potential to continue to be as successful as CS:GO?

It certainly does. If anyone is capable of doing so, it’s Valve. It’s safe to say that Valve has a great deal of experience when it comes to attracting its players and keeping them hooked. The delivery method is one of the most intriguing aspects we know about. CS2 will be released as a “free update” to CS:GO, even though the former is not a free-to-play game. Therefore, Counter-Strike 2 will be directly playable for anyone who owns the multiplayer shooter.

From what little we’ve seen, CS2 will be released with great care and attention to detail to make a splash. If the gameplay mechanics, visuals, and overall experience are improved, it could be enough to attract new players and keep their interest.

Although we can only be positive for now, we must wait and see how the gaming community reacts to the changes. We must be attentive to the coming days and weeks to see what Valve has in store.