Open-World Evolution: Call of Duty’s Ambitious Leap to Nintendo Platforms

Open-World Evolution: Call of Duty’s Ambitious Leap to Nintendo Platforms

6. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Activision, now part of Microsoft, is set to redefine the ‘Call of Duty’ (CoD) experience. In a bold move, the company plans to transition the renowned franchise into open-world games, beginning with the upcoming titles for Nintendo Switch or its successor.

This significant shift, first reported by Insider Gaming and backed by industry insider Tom Henderson, represents a new chapter for CoD, diverging from its traditional linear gameplay.

Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War: An Open-World Campaign

The first of these groundbreaking titles, ‘Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War,’ is rumored to feature an open-world campaign, reminiscent of the Far Cry series. Players can expect a map teeming with objectives, the ability to drive vehicles, and a fast-travel system. While linear missions will still play a role, the focus is clearly on offering players a larger, more liberating world.


Future Plans: Call of Duty Saturn

Looking further ahead, sources close to the franchise suggest that ‘Saturn,’ the codename for CoD’s 2025 installment, is also being developed as an open-world game. This consistent approach signals Activision’s commitment to evolving the series beyond its established boundaries.

Cross-Platform Integration: Nintendo and Microsoft’s 10-Year Agreement

The 10-year agreement between Nintendo and Microsoft hints at a future where Call of Duty titles, including Gulf War and the tentative ‘Call of Duty Saturn,’ will be available on Nintendo platforms. Microsoft’s aim for parity across versions suggests a unified CoD experience across different gaming systems.

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Anticipating Official Announcements

While official confirmations are pending, these developments point to an exciting time for CoD fans and gamers alike. The question now is, how will the gaming community react to Call of Duty’s open-world transformation, and what impact will it have on its debut on Nintendo platforms?

Revolutionizing Call of Duty: Activision’s Open-World Aspiration

As we await further details, the prospect of an open-world Call of Duty on Nintendo platforms invites both excitement and curiosity. This evolution could redefine what it means to play CoD, merging traditional elements with new, expansive experiences.