Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Details Leaked

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Details Leaked

12. May 2023 by miranda angeles

A few hours ago, it was leaked that the new chapter coming to Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare 3. So naturally, the shooter community has been anticipating this game and speculating about the next chapter. 

According to leaked information, Call of Duty developers are apparently working on bringing a Zombies mode to the game. But that’s not all; it is also rumored that Warzone 2 will get a new map, with which they hope to improve the battle royale significantly.

At the same time, the leakers believe that the new chapter of CoD will come with an independent sequel, so Modern Warfare 3 will not be the continuation of Modern Warfare. Instead, according to the leakers, Activision wants to create a new story to keep all its players happy.

All the leaked details of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Let’s remember that Activision has released Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 on a common platform. Thanks to this, players have a cross-progression feature that links users’ accounts between various platforms and devices. The goal of all this is to give players a sense of continuity. So the new chapter of CoD may also come to the shared platform.

According to leaks from Insider Gaming, Modern Warfare 3 is a new story and is not an add-on to MW2. So it is expected to arrive with its mode with zombies, a campaign mode, and an exclusive multiplayer gameplay section. In short, it is a completely separate title to MW2.

On the other hand, leakers comment that the game may already be in development and is being directed by Sledgehammer Games. In addition, it is expected to receive the help of different developers.

But that’s not all the information the leakers have revealed; they have also discussed a possible release date. The release of MW3 may be scheduled for November 10 of this, 2023. This release could be divided into two beta versions; the first could arrive from October 6 to 10 and the second from October 12 to 16.

Details of the next Warzone 2 map revealed

The leaks came with details of Modern Warfare 3 and with details of a new map for Warzone 2. So it seems the next big map to be released by CoD developers will come to Warzone 2.

According to the information for Warzone 2, the Souls map is coming. This map has already appeared in the campaign mode of MW2. The new map for Warzone 2 is full of vegetation, uneven terrain, and different areas with water ideal for shootouts in the water.

On the other hand, the leakers have revealed that Las Almas is similar in size to Al Mazrah, and this map is expected to arrive in the game in early December, along with the seasonal update.

At the moment, these are leaks; we must wait for news from the game developers to know if all the information is correct.