Call of Duty Challengers 2024: FACEIT Integration and New Format

Call of Duty Challengers 2024: FACEIT Integration and New Format

18. January 2024 by Never

Call of Duty (CoD) Challengers, the foundational competitive esports series of Activision Blizzard’s CoD, unveils a revamped format for the 2024 season. This year marks a significant collaboration with the online gaming platform FACEIT, organizing both Challenger and Elite qualifiers of the series.

Transition from GameBattles to FACEIT

Historically, since its announcement in 2019, CoD Challengers found its home on the online tournament site GameBattles. However, following GameBattles’ closure on January 15 this year, the ESL FACEIT Group has stepped in to host the CoD Challenger tournaments.

Operational and Anti-Cheat Measures

ESL FACEIT Group’s Approach

Despite not utilizing the FACEIT Anti-Cheat system, the platform assures a high-quality, consistent experience, entrusting an experienced tournament operations team to maintain the competitive integrity CoD community expects.

2024 CoD Challengers: What to Expect

Challenger Qualifiers and Cups

  • The season kicks off with Challenger qualifiers, followed by the first of eleven online Challengers Cups on January 20.
  • Open to players from North America, Europe, LATAM, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Challengers Opens and Elite Tournaments

  • Two Challengers Opens in 2024: Boston Breach hosting Major I and Toronto Ultra for Major II.
  • CoD Challengers Elite tournaments feature three seasons in North America and Europe, with an expanded format of two groups of six teams per season.

The Grand Finale

  • The 2024 season culminates in the Finals, featuring 16 teams from the four regions.
  • Teams can qualify through regional rankings, Opens, or the Last Chance Qualifier.


Founded in 2011, FACEIT is a prominent online competitive gaming platform. Since 2022, it’s part of the Saudi-backed ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), aligning with major esports brands like ESL Gaming and Dreamhack.

A New Era for CoD Challengers

The 2024 season of CoD Challengers promises to be a landmark year with its integration into the FACEIT platform. This strategic move is set to enhance the competitive landscape, offering a seamless and robust experience for aspiring professional players.