Call of Duty board game to arrive by 2024

Call of Duty board game to arrive by 2024

25. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Call of Duty is one of the video games with overwhelming success, so they have decided to launch a board game. This new board game will officially arrive in 2024, where all players can live intense battles while enjoying impressive illustrations.

Call of Duty board game to arrive in 2024

Activision recently announced it would create a board game for the popular and beloved CoD game. Activision will do so to launch this board game in collaboration with Arcane Wonders.

Arcane Wonders, one of the largest board game developers, has decided to team up with Activision and explore the world of shooters. This alliance aims to create a board game inspired by the characters and gameplay of CoD.

By joining Arcane Wonders with Activision, fans of both companies are happy and waiting for the game to be released. As we mentioned, the plans for releasing the new board game are for 2024.

Details of the new CoD board game

The description of the new board game released by Arcane Wonders the game will offer the following:

  • Planning and tactics.
  • Intense and energetic combat
  • Miniature weapons and characters from the series

The lead designer of the board game project is Bryan Pope, the CEO of Arcane Wonders, and he has commented that the entire team behind this great project has dedicated many hours of work. The whole team seeks to capture the spirit and essence of CoD in the board game.

On the other hand, Pope affirms that both video game lovers and board game lovers can enjoy the objective of this board game.

The board game intends for the two games to be very similar, so the developers of Arcane Wonders will include some iconic maps and unique items from the video game.

Cod fans can experience another gameplay style with the game’s main operators, Captain Price, Soap, and Ghost, in a completely new environment.

So far, these are all the details that have been revealed about the board game. However, fans of both companies have made their speculations and believe that the game is based on a strategy to eliminate all players.

Right now, the future of Call of Duty is very promising with the launch of this board game; in addition to incorporating the game into Nintendo Switch consoles, the tactical shooter seeks to expand and reach a much wider audience.

Finally, remember that if you are a fan of board games and tactical video games, the new Call of Duty: The Board Game will allow you to have everything in one place.