Call of Duty 2024 Announcement and Nintendo Debut Speculations

Call of Duty 2024 Announcement and Nintendo Debut Speculations

5. May 2024 by Never

The highly anticipated reveal for the new Call of Duty game of 2024 is set for early June, marking a potentially groundbreaking moment as it could be the franchise’s first appearance on a Nintendo platform.

Presentation Date and Details

Microsoft has announced the date for its Xbox Games Showcase, scheduled for June 9, 2024, at 7:00 PM CEST (Horario Peninsular de España). This showcase will unveil Microsoft’s upcoming game catalog, including highly anticipated titles like the new Indiana Jones and Avowed.

Additionally, a special “Direct” segment will delve into details about the next installment of a beloved franchise—specifically, the upcoming Call of Duty game for 2024.

Nintendo Collaboration

According to reports from The Verge, insiders suggest that the “beloved franchise” being highlighted by Xbox is indeed Call of Duty. Notably, this year’s Call of Duty release, set after August, holds the potential to be the first in the franchise to debut on a Nintendo platform following a recent agreement between the two parties.

Game Details

While details remain scarce, the upcoming “No-E3” Xbox presentation promises to showcase the Call of Duty game set during the Gulf War, a premise previously leaked. Speculations swirl around the potential title, with some pondering whether it will be called Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War.

Exciting Possibilities Ahead: Xbox Games Showcase on June 9 and Potential Call of Duty Expansion to Nintendo Platforms

Stay tuned for the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, where Call of Duty enthusiasts may witness a groundbreaking moment in the franchise’s history as it potentially expands to Nintendo platforms with its latest release.