Caedrel says goodbye to his job as an LEC broadcaster

Caedrel says goodbye to his job as an LEC broadcaster

30. September 2023 by miranda angeles

News recently broke that Marc Robert “Caedrel” Lamont is saying goodbye to his job as a broadcaster for the LEC. The former professional LoL player has decided to focus on new projects.

Caedrel says goodbye as LEC announcer

Caedrel is a former professional LoL player who joined the LEC broadcasts after he retired from esports. The former player has undoubtedly been one of the most beloved announcers in the community these last three years. The announcer is characterized by transmitting freshness to the broadcast and post-game segments. Caedrel is known for his witty commentary and in-depth analysis, thanks to his experience as a league jungle jock.

Caedrel’s new professional projects

According to the statement published by Caedrel on his X/Twitter account, the 27-year-old has decided to leave the castings. Caedrel, for the future, wants to focus all his attention on his work as a content creator. In the statement released by Caedrel, he has published the reason that prompted him to make this difficult decision. According to the former player, working as a streamer and an LEC caster was becoming too difficult for him.

Caedrel commented as follows:

“Over the past few years, I have struggled with being pulled between the streamer and caster worlds, two very different worlds. Being a caster and at the same time a streamer is too heavy a burden, which over time has affected both my work life and my personal life.”

On the other hand, Caedrel commented that he feels very grateful for all the support he received from people during these three years. At the same time, the former player commented that, although he will not be part of the main team of the LEC broadcasts, he assured all his fans that he hopes to be able to appear occasionally on the broadcasts.

For his part, Caedrel commented on his plans for the near future. He mentioned his excitement that he will finally be able to co-broadcast the 2023 World Cup as the official English-language co-transmitter.

Caedrel’s career

Since leaving professional competition, Caedrel has endeared himself to fans worldwide through his work as a caster and streamer. Caedrel has gained an important fan base in the LEC, LCK, and LCS, as these are some leagues in which he streams games. On the other hand, Riot Games has praised him for being one of the best English-speaking streamers in the EMEA league on different occasions.

Undoubtedly, replacing Caedrel’s voice in LEC broadcasts will not be an easy task. But fortunately for all his fans, they will still be able to enjoy his content on his streams, starting with the most important LoL tournament, the World Cup.