Buzzing Into Battle: New Antophila-Inspired Skins Swarm the Rift

Buzzing Into Battle: New Antophila-Inspired Skins Swarm the Rift

8. November 2023 by Never

A Riot of Colors: League’s Lively Bee Universe

League of Legends (LoL) never fails to bring vibrancy to the Rift, especially with its Bee universe, teeming with imaginative skins. The tradition, which began with Beekeeper Singed, extends to three more champions in an unexpected twist, coinciding with the onset of winter rather than spring.

Revealing the Buzz: Riot’s Social Teasers

Through social media teasers, Riot Games has unveiled epic category Bee skins (1350 RP) for Blitzcrank, Veigar, and Vel’Koz. Available for preview in the 13.23 Public Beta Environment (PBE), there’s a buzz of anticipation about their official release.

Championing the Hive: The Selected Trio

The selection of Blitzcrank and Veigar, both of whom received skins in 2022, and Vel’Koz, who hasn’t seen a new skin in two years, is a strategic move by Riot to appease and reward the mastery of these players.

A Winter’s Favor: Expanding the Skin Line

In parallel with the Bee universe, the Winter’s Favor line will also debut in 13.23. Sylas and Thresh are set to receive epic category (1350 RP) skins, featuring visuals and colors reminiscent of the aurora borealis.

Embracing the Swarm

As LoL’s world buzzes with the new Bee universe skins, players are encouraged to embrace the swarm and make their mark on the winter Rift.