Broadcast options for the 2023 ALGS Split 2 playoffs

Broadcast options for the 2023 ALGS Split 2 playoffs

25. June 2023 by madara s

The second event that brings together the best Apex Legends players is coming soon; we are discussing the Apex Legends Global Series. The teams that will advance to the Championship at the end of the year will be determined in the Split 2 playoffs, where the Split 2 champion will be crowned.

The Copper Box Arena in London is where the teams participating in the tournament will face each other. However, the second Split 2023 format will be the same as Split 1. This tournament will be enjoyed by all fans who can travel to London; however, those who cannot attend can follow their favorite teams closely in each of the broadcasts.

The tournament organizers will be in charge of broadcasting each ALGS match. Best of all, these broadcasts will be available in nine different languages.

Broadcast of the 2023 ALGS Split 2 playoffs

For the second Split of 2023, the ALGS organizers have taken it upon themselves to improve the viewing experience for all fans worldwide. For this tournament, there will be different broadcasts. Thanks to the most famous content creators, whether you want to watch the main broadcast, see the teams’ perspective, or even watch it.

Where can you watch the ALGS matches of the second Split?

Fans worldwide of the ALGS can watch each match on the PlayApex channel on Twitch or the ALGS YouTube channel; both channels will offer the streams in English. However, people watching the broadcasts on Twitch will have access to the Command Center, which has access to four different perspectives simultaneously. Thanks to the Command Center, all fans can see an updated live scoreboard, the map status, and all the broadcasts in different languages from each team’s perspective.

On the other hand, ALGS fans who want to watch the games more relaxedly can tune in to the official Watch Parties. The English B broadcast will be presented by Greek and NiceWigg, offering a more relaxed and leisurely atmosphere than the main broadcast.

Another new feature of the ALGS Split 2 is the addition of six official broadcasting partners. Thanks to all these partners, it will be possible to broadcast each match in nine different languages.

Last, you can follow your favorite streamers to find out if they are organizing their watch party for the competition.

Official streams in different languages of the ALGS Split Two


  • Nicewigg & Greek


  • Pokizgames


  • Oraxe & Wisethug


  • Restiafps

ALGS broadcast partners


  • CyberZ
  • esports_RAGE


  • WooHoo


  • Friends Project Co


  • Myriad Stars (Newer Esports)


  • Titan Masters


  • Basik Marketing
  • The Esports Club

It is important to mention that on Thursday, July 13, at 4 a.m. CEST, the ALGS Division 2 playoffs begin.