Brazilian CS:GO legend TACO announces his return for CS2

Brazilian CS:GO legend TACO announces his return for CS2

27. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Epitácio “TACO” de Melo, the Brazilian CS:GO legend, has announced his return to esports. The veteran player will be back just in time for the launch of CS2.

TACO announces his return to CS2

On the eve of the release of the full Counter-Strike 2 game, CS:GO legend TACO has announced his plans for his professional gamer career. The Brazilian veteran announced yesterday his return to the competitive scene. This is undoubtedly a welcome return for the community.

Yesterday, September 26, the two-time CS:GO Major champion posted on his X/Twitter account that he was ready to return to the arena. In the message posted by TACO, the player commented that he is ready to plug in his mouse and keyboard again and return to tournaments. Recall that TACO is one of the players who helped establish Brazilian dominance in CS:GO in 2016 with teams like SK and Luminosity. Apparently, the player wants to do it again, but this time on CS2 servers.

The Brazilian, legendary for the moment, has not revealed the lineup with which he will return to esports. However, there is no doubt that TACO will be a great asset for many squads in the South American region. Remember that this region is struggling to break out of the top 15 HLTV rankings.

TACO’s career in CS:GO esports

Let’s recall that TACO wore the 00NATION jersey before the organization announced its move to Europe. In addition, this was the last organization in which TACO played. Remember that the organization sent him to the bench, and he stayed there for seven months. After that period, TACO announced his departure from esports and said goodbye to his professional CS:GO player career.

The former 00NATION player has a long and successful CS:GO esports career. Let’s remember that TACO was playing as a professional for more than eight years. TACO achieved great success throughout these years with top teams such as Team Liquid, Luminosity, and SK Gaming.

Return of great players to CS2

TACO’s return may be ahead of schedule, as Valve suddenly hinted at the global debut of the Source 2 update last week. Much of the community expects CS2 to launch today, September 27. Although there has been no official confirmation, the biggest indication that this may happen is that yesterday, the background of the official CS2 Twitter account was changed.

Now, the release of CS2 has caused a lot of excitement in different players, as TACO will not be the only player returning to esports. Other players, such as Xyp9x and f0rest, have already announced their desire to return to compete in the top level of Counter-Strike.