Brawlhalla: All You Need to Know About the New Legend “Imugi”

Brawlhalla: All You Need to Know About the New Legend “Imugi”

2. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Brawlhalla’s roster continues to grow, and the latest addition is Imugi, a mighty warrior chef equipped with formidable weapons. As the 62nd character in the game, Imugi promises to bring a fresh and exciting dynamic to the battlefield.

Imugi in Brawlhalla: The Warrior Chef

Imugi was first introduced during the Midseason Championship 2024, a highlight of the CEO 2024 esports tournament. This new Legend is expected to dominate the platforms with his unique skill set and powerful weapons.

Weapons of Imugi

Like all Brawlhalla Legends, Imugi wields two distinct weapons. He starts with empty hands and must collect his weapons during the game.


Imugi’s primary weapon is the Greatsword, known for its high damage output and slower attack speed. This weapon excels in ground combat but is less effective in aerial maneuvers due to its clunky nature. Mastering the Greatsword can lead to significant damage and effective knockout attacks. Previous Greatsword Legends include:

  • Jaeyun
  • Mako
  • Magyar
  • Arcadia

Notably, Jaeyun was the main character for the 2023 Brawlhalla World Champion, demonstrating the Greatsword’s potential.

Imugi fanart
byu/Hobinn inBrawlhalla

Second Weapon

The second weapon for Imugi has not been officially announced. The Greatsword pairs in Brawlhalla include:

  • Sword (Jaeyun)
  • Katars (Mako)
  • Hammer (Magyar)
  • Spear (Arcadia)

Given Imugi’s size, it’s likely he will wield something massive, possibly an Axe or Gauntlets. There’s also a chance for a completely new weapon type, similar to how Battle Boots were introduced with Tezca in December 2022. This new weapon could be tied to Imugi’s identity as a chef.

Imugi’s Moveset and Gameplay

Imugi’s moveset will largely depend on his weapons. Light Attacks are consistent across all Legends using the same weapon type, making it easy for players familiar with Greatsword to adapt. Signature Attacks, however, are unique to each Legend and will define Imugi’s gameplay. Official showcases of his Signature Attacks are expected on Brawlhalla’s developer streams on Twitch.

Brawlhalla Greatsword Moves 1024x925

Brawlhalla Imugi: Release Date

The exact release date for Imugi has yet to be announced. However, given past patterns, it’s likely the community won’t have to wait long. An announcement might coincide with the first Brawlhalla esports tournament of the Summer Circle 2024: Trial of Heimdall, taking place from July 13 to July 14.

How to Unlock Imugi in Brawlhalla

Players can unlock Imugi in two primary ways:

  1. Brawlhalla All Legends Pack: This pack grants access to all current and future Legends, including Imugi, making it a valuable option for dedicated players.
  2. In-game Currency (Gold): Imugi can be purchased for 7,200 Gold, which can be accumulated through daily login bonuses and leveling up your account and Legends. Over time, the price might reduce to 5,400 Gold.

Imugi may also appear in the weekly rotations of free Legends, but this timing is unpredictable.

maxresdefault (34)


Imugi’s arrival in Brawlhalla is highly anticipated, offering players a new Legend with unique capabilities. Whether through his powerful Greatsword attacks or his yet-to-be-revealed secondary weapon, Imugi is set to leave a lasting impact on the game.

Stay tuned for further updates and be ready to welcome this warrior chef to the Brawlhalla battlefield.

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