What’s New in Brawl Stars Season 3: Updates and Exciting Events

What’s New in Brawl Stars Season 3: Updates and Exciting Events

6. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Brawl Stars, the popular game from Supercell that has captured the attention of Ibai, Grefg, Xokas, and many others, is rolling out its third season with exciting updates for the month of May.

The arrival of Brawl Stars Season 3 brings a host of new features and changes, as the game continues to delight its player base. Following recent attention from popular figures like Ibai, Grefg, and Xokas, the game now introduces a new season with much-anticipated community-driven updates.

Lily’s Debut: A Mythic Brawler with Unique Abilities


The highlight of the new season is the official debut of Lily, a Mythic Brawler with balanced stats. Lily boasts moderate health and damage output, coupled with lightning-fast movement speed. Her distinctive ability allows her to passively charge her Super whenever an enemy is within her range.


Godzilla Event: Festivities and Free Skins

The Godzilla event brings a month-long celebration with mutations that boost Brawlers and offer up to seven free skins, including Hipercarga and Buzz Godzilla. Buzz Godzilla can be obtained by completing club objectives, while alternate versions of Brock and Surge are available for purchase at 149 gems or 5000 Blines if not obtained for free.

The Godzilla event has spurred a club-wide quest to collect 1250 eggs for rewards, including the free Buzz Godzilla skin. Approximately 41.6 eggs per person are required. In addition to eggs obtained every four days, two eggs can be earned daily through victories.

Competitive Season 3: Changes and New Modifiers

The third competitive season introduces changes and new modifiers for the upcoming weeks. Previous modifiers are removed, making way for three new ones:

  • Breath of Life: Allows Brawlers to respawn at the location where they were defeated.
  • Quick Hands: Accelerates ammo reload when basic attacks deal damage.
  • Thick Bushes: Causes bushes to constantly appear throughout the map.

Additionally, matchmaking will prioritize team matchups to intensify gameplay, while adjustments to point acquisition in competitive mode aim for fairness.

Rank Booster and Modifier Adjustments

Rank boosters will have a more significant impact based on the previous season’s rank. The appearance probabilities of modifiers will vary based on player rank, with more prevalence in lower ranks and less in Master ranks.

Prepare for an action-packed Season 3 of Brawl Stars with exciting new content and events that promise to elevate the competitive experience for all players!

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