Brawl Stars July Update: New Brawlers, Mega Boxes, and More

Brawl Stars July Update: New Brawlers, Mega Boxes, and More

26. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The highly anticipated Brawl Stars July update is just around the corner, promising exciting new content and features. Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming update based on the latest Brawl Talk announcements.

Exciting New Additions

The July update introduces two new Brawlers to the game:

Berry: The Ice Cream Bomber

Berry debuts as a thrower-style Brawler with a unique twist of support capabilities. His basic attack lobs an ice cream bomb that not only deals area damage over time but also heals allies within its range. His super ability is a dash attack that leaves behind a trail of healing ice cream. Players can also look forward to the Dark Horse Berry skin accompanying his release.

Berry June Brawl Talk 1024x576

Clancy: The High Stakes Challenger

Clancy joins the roster with a versatile playstyle akin to Surge. He scales through three stages, each enhancing his normal attacks and super abilities progressively:

  • Stage 1: Single-shot basic attack and a small torrent of bullets for his super.
  • Stage 2: Two quick shots in a line with increased coverage for his super.
  • Stage 3: Adds diagonal line vectors to his attacks, turning them into a three-hit area. He gains speed during his super activation.

Clancy June Brawl Talk 1024x576

Classic Brawl Event

In a nostalgic nod to 2019, Brawl Stars introduces the Classic Brawl event featuring the return of Mega Boxes. Running from July 12 to July 31, this limited-time event uses old Star Tokens. It includes special game modes with classic modifiers like no hypercharge, a maximum level of 9, no gadgets, and the use of only the first Star power. Featured modes include:

  • Mirror Mode: A 3v3 mode where all players use the same Brawler.
  • Drum Roll: A deathmatch mode where each kill switches your Brawler.

Mega Boxes rewards 1024x576

Mega Boxes and Rewards

During June’s Brawl Talk, Mega Boxes were highlighted as a major feature. Players can participate in the Mega Box challenge to earn 10 Mega Boxes necessary for claiming the free Sovereign Rico hypercharged skin. Mega Boxes contain a variety of rewards, including Brawlers, skins of any rarity, coins, power points, gems, and more.

Mega Boxes Event Brawl Stars 1024x576

Reworks and Balance Updates

The July update also brings significant reworks and balance adjustments to existing Brawlers:

  • Frank: Increased attack speed as HP decreases.
  • Meg: More projectiles from her Mecha, with reduced range.
  • Chester: Basic attack stages revamped, new Star power enhancing initial attacks.

Additionally, seven new hypercharges are introduced, enhancing Brawlers like Barley, Frank, Angelo, Piper, EMZ, Rico, and Gale with powerful new abilities and effects.




The Brawl Stars July update promises to be a game-changer with new Brawlers, exciting game modes, and enhanced rewards through Mega Boxes. Players can anticipate a fresh gameplay experience with revamped characters and dynamic balance changes. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to dive into the action-packed world of Brawl Stars!