Boxi has to leave LIMA Major because of emergency

Boxi has to leave LIMA Major because of emergency

4. March 2023 by Andrew Williams

Boxi from Team Liquid had to leave Lima on short notice due to a medical emergency. He will be replaced by Jabbz during the rest of the major. The news was posted by Coach William “Blitz” Lee on Twitter. In addition, Dota 2 players Iceiceice and DJ are joining Bleed Esports. Samuel “Boxi” Svahn won’t be present at the Lima Major anymore, sadly he suffered from health issues and has to return back home as soon as possible.

What exactly happened is not entirely clear. Mathis “Jabbz” Friesel will take over his role and compete in the remaining Team Liquid games. Before becoming a Team Liquid analyst, Jabbz played professionally in a support role. However, Jabbz has not played a professional game since the ESL Championship three years ago.

Boxi leaves Team Liquid in Lima

TL Coach William “Blitz” Lee, announced the sad news to the public on twitter. He stated that Boxi’s health is the most important thing for the team. It is a big blow for the team, which is a big favorite in the event. Boxi has made the difference in many matches and has been praised by many other players for his impact. Liquid will also tragically lose 20% of the points scored there because they will be forced to use a substitute player.

The LIMA Major is over for Boxi just as TL looked like they could win it all It’s especially devastating because Boxi was still saying before the event, “I predict Team Liquid will win because I’ve never won a major before.” But even if Team Liquid wins the event, Boxi won’t be there to celebrate.

Liquid-Coach praises Gaimin Gladiators

The co-owner of Gamin Gladiators Alex Cuccovillo tried to help Team Liquid find a replacement all night long, even though they are the next opponents of Team Liquid! This caused Liquid’s coach to praise the founder and co-owner of GG: “Gladiators are our direct opponent and he spent the whole night helping us. To me, that’s the kind of person I want to be myself.” Team Liquid will play the Gaimin Gladiators today, March 4. The winner will play in the event’s grand finale for the top prize of $200,000.

Bleed Esports acquires Iceiceice and DJ

There is another interesting change in the Dota 2 world. Djardel “DJ” Jicko Mampusti and Singaporean professional Player Daryl “iceiceice” Koh Pei Xiang have announced that they have joined Bleed Esports’ Dota 2 lineup. They replace the two players PlayHard and Masaros.