100 Thieves Welcomes Boostio: Controversy with EG Contract

100 Thieves Welcomes Boostio: Controversy with EG Contract

9. January 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

100Thieves have made a formidable move in the VALORANT competitive scene by acquiring Kelden “Boostio” Pupello from Evil Geniuses (EG), confirming one of the most talked-about topics of the VCT offseason.

The Journey of Boostio: Escape from EG’s “Contract Jail”

Boostio’s transition to 100 Thieves marks an end to the intense speculation surrounding his future after the disbandment of EG’s VALORANT roster. Despite denial and speculation, including Boostio’s own Twitch streams and subtle hints from his family, the move was somewhat anticipated in the esports community.

A New Chapter with 100 Thieves

Joining the likes of Cryocells, Asuna, bang, and eeiu, Boostio fills the crucial gap left by NaturE. His addition is seen as a strategic bolstering of 100 Thieves’ roster, aiming for dominance in the 2024 VCT season.

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EG’s Legacy and Departure

While EG has been retreating from various esports arenas, including a complete exit from the LCS, their participation in VCT Americas 2024 is still on the cards. However, the loss of key players like Boostio signals a significant shift in their competitive strategy.

The Controversy

Adding a twist to the tale, the VALORANT producer/editor for 100T sparked controversy by dismissing the infamous EG championship shirt in a tweet, reflecting the tense history between the two organizations.

What This Means for VCT 2024: Impact on 100 Thieves

Boostio’s entry into 100 Thieves is more than just a roster change; it’s a strategic move that could redefine their gameplay dynamics and competitive edge in the upcoming season.

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The Shift in Competitive Landscape

With key players like Ethan and Demon1 moving to NRG and rumors of c0m joining Leviatán, the VCT 2024 is shaping up to be a battleground of new alliances and rivalries.

A Major Shift in VALORANT Esports

The VCT 2024 season, starting with the KICK-OFF tournament on February 16th, is poised to be an electrifying display of talent and strategy, with 100 Thieves’ latest acquisition of Boostio being a critical focal point. This season promises to be a spectacle of high-level competition and team dynamics in the evolving world of esports.