Blizzard’s suffered a DDoS attack

Blizzard’s suffered a DDoS attack

14. April 2023 by miranda angeles

A couple of days ago, Blizzard’s was a victim of a strong DDoS attack; for now, it seems the problem has been solved. However, the origin of this attack on the developer is unknown.

On April 13, many Blizzard users encountered problems logging into their accounts. This occurred due to a DDoS attack, making it impossible for people to access the service. The developer released this information on its Twitter account, where it shared that the Blizzard client for America was experiencing this attack. However, in the same way, they informed us that they were already taking action to solve it.

Blizzard’s has suffered a DDoS attack

As we mentioned, Blizzard’s was attacked a few days ago by a DDoS. The developer itself informed all its users about the problem.

For people who do not know what, a denial of service assault is a DDoS attack. It is an attack that tries to make a website unavailable. They do this by crashing the website with malicious traffic.

This was exactly the problem that Blizzard suffered, where both Overwatch and Call of Duty users could not access their accounts to play.

The developer pointed out that most users were logging into their accounts very slowly, but in the worst case, other users could not log in to their accounts. But that was not all; people who managed to log in and start playing in the middle of a game were disconnected from the game. Blizzard attributes these problems suffered by users to the DDoS attack.

Blizzard took measures to counter the DDoS attack

After reporting the problems they were experiencing, Blizzard announced that their team was already working on an investigation to know all the details of the attack. However, they have not provided any details of who carried out the attack or what the system failure was.

However, they have already reported that the problems experienced by users with Blizzard’s have been fixed. Yesterday, the developer apologized to all players for the inconvenience caused.

However, some people report that they are still experiencing the same problems connecting or playing their games.

On the other hand, some annoyed players have commented that, due to this system failure, they have experienced problems with their ranks. This occurred as a result of server disconnections and failed authentication attempts. Currently, it is unknown if users will receive anything from Blizzard to try to compensate for the inconvenience experienced. But the fact that the developer made the attack public gives affected players some hope.