Blizzard’s Game-Changing Update for WoW Hardcore: Safety in the Skies

Blizzard’s Game-Changing Update for WoW Hardcore: Safety in the Skies

28. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

World of Warcraft Classic Hardcore has long been a thrilling yet perilous journey for players. One misstep or unexpected disconnect, especially during flights, has resulted in countless heartbreaking deaths. Blizzard Entertainment recognized the gravity of the situation and has now introduced an update that offers players a security blanket during these aerial travels.

Flight-Path Disconnects: A Hardcore Player’s Nightmare

Flight-path disconnects have been a constant threat in the WoW Classic Hardcore realm. Picture this: you’re soaring high, enjoying the vast landscape beneath, only to be suddenly disconnected. When you manage to re-enter the game, you’re greeted with the sight of your character plummeting to their death. This was, until recently, an all too common and frustrating occurrence.

According to WoWhead, fall damage has been the leading cause of death for many players. The mere act of getting from one point to another, whether due to a greedy jump or an unfortunate disconnect, posed a significant risk.

WoW Classic Hardcore death

Blizzard’s Protective Measures

Blizzard’s hotfix update has been a breath of fresh air. The developers have now fortified the aerial journey with two major protective features:

  1. Protection Aura: Every time you embark on a flight path, an aura envelops you. This ensures that any form of damage, including fall damage, is negated. So, even if you face a disconnect and find your character in a free fall, there’s no longer the imminent danger of crash-landing.
  2. Hearthstone Cooldown Reset: Regardless of whether you’ve used your hearthstone recently or ages ago, its cooldown resets. Furthermore, it becomes instant-cast. This means, even if for some reason the aura doesn’t work, you have a trusty fallback. By using the hearthstone, you can teleport before hitting the ground, evading potential death.

This update is a testament to Blizzard’s commitment to improving gameplay experience. It not only addresses the key concerns of its player base but also enhances the overall gameplay environment of WoW Classic Hardcore.

A Welcome Relief for Hardcore Players

Before this update, only a handful of classes like Priests, Rogues, and Mages had the luxury of possessing tools to circumvent fall damage. The rest had to rely on high-level consumables, making the skies a treacherous place for many.

Reports from highlighted the incessant grievances of players who had lost their characters due to mid-flight disconnects. Such incidents were especially demoralizing in a game mode where every life truly counts.

Improving the Game Experience

Blizzard’s recent update has undoubtedly elevated the gameplay experience for WoW Classic Hardcore players. No longer do they need to anxiously monitor their PC and internet connections or avoid taking flights. Players can now savor the magnificent in-game views without fear or simply go AFK while their characters traverse the expansive world.