Blizzard reveals details of Overwatch 2’s new Flashpoint PVP mode

Blizzard reveals details of Overwatch 2’s new Flashpoint PVP mode

12. June 2023 by miranda angeles

In a very short time, all Overwatch 2 lovers can play a new basic PVP mode; this new mode comes to the game in the form of Flashpoint.

Today we tell you all the details about this huge and important Overwatch 2 game mode.

Overwatch 2’s new Flashpoint PVP mode

Overwatch 2 developers have taken it upon themselves to bring various experiences to the game’s users with different game modes. However, while the game’s story missions are fun and many users love them, other players don’t care about the feud between Widowmaker and Ana or Reaper’s sad and painful past. So Overwatch 2’s strong point really has always been its PVP modes.

It’s safe to say that most of the game’s users are looking for fresh competitive content. All those players are in for a treat; Blizzard has revealed the first details about the new Flashpoint PVP mode coming to Overwatch 2 during the Xbox Games Showcase.

Flashpoint PVP mode details

The new PVP Flashpoint mode will introduce a new gameplay mechanic to the Overwatch 2 community. This new game mode won’t be coming along; it launches simultaneously with the Season 6 release and game update.

Although not all the details of this new PVP mode have been revealed, the Xbox Wire blog has provided a few details to excite us about this new game update.

What does Overwatch 2’s Flashpoint mode mean?

Usually, Overwatch players are not used to having a 24/7 PVP mode. However, Flashpoint mode is known as “Overwatch 2’s largest PVP maps to date.”

With this new game mode, your team must simultaneously take control of three objects called Flashpoints located in different battlefield locations. However, managing to take control of all three objects does not mean this will be the case for the entire game. So your mission and that of your companions is to capture and keep these objects throughout the huge areas.

According to what the game developers announced, things move very fast in Overwatch Flashpoint mode. So players won’t have a second to relax the point, as the next one will be waiting to be captured just the same. In this new mode, players will have to apply the divide-and-conquer strategy. Apparently, it will be a game mode where players must apply many strategies to achieve victory.

At the moment, all the Overwatch developers have revealed is a teaser of the new game mode. However, as we get closer to the release date, we will know many more details. Recall that Overwatch season 6 arrives on August 10, so the new game mode arrives on the same date.