Blizzard Cancels BlizzCon 2024: Reasons Behind the Decision

Blizzard Cancels BlizzCon 2024: Reasons Behind the Decision

26. April 2024 by Never

Blizzard Entertainment recently announced the cancellation of BlizzCon for this year, emphasizing that the decision was made after careful consideration. Despite its significance as a cherished event for Blizzard and its community, the company assured fans that BlizzCon will return in the future.

Significance of BlizzCon

BlizzCon is an annual convention hosted by Blizzard to celebrate its iconic franchises, including Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. The event typically features game announcements, previews of upcoming releases, cosplay contests, game patches, and live music performances.

The inaugural BlizzCon took place in October 2005.

Upcoming Plans and Events

In their statement, Blizzard outlined upcoming plans, including more details on the launch of World of Warcraft: The War Within and the Diablo 4 expansion, Vessel of Hatred.

Despite the cancellation of BlizzCon, Blizzard has plans for other conventions and events, such as Gamescom. The company expressed enthusiasm for the Overwatch Champions Series (OWCS) Majors at Dreamhack Dallas and Dreamhack Stockholm. The OWCS tournament at Dreamhack Dallas will be a live event held from May 31 to June 2.

Celebrating Warcraft’s 30th Anniversary

Additionally, Blizzard mentioned preparations for various global in-person events to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Warcraft. These events, distinct from BlizzCon, are designed to capture the same celebratory and communal spirit that defines Blizzard’s community.

No Blizzcon in 2024
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Blizzard’s Commitment to Community Engagement

Blizzard emphasized a blend of in-person and online experiences, aiming to engage and connect with the community. The company hopes that these experiences, along with live-streamed events, will encapsulate the essence of what makes the Blizzard community special.