Paris Major: Vitality makes it through Paris Major: Vitality makes it through

14. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

After the third day of the Paris Major RMR B we have seen a lot of action and a few surprises! The German representatives BIG couldn’t win against Vitality, but they still had another chance against NiP. But they lost the Series and have to go to the Last Chance Bracket.

One of the top teams in CS:GO, Astralis, failed to qualify for the Major in Paris after losing to Ninjas in Pyjamas. Aurora and ENCE managed to win their matches and Monte also secured a Major spot. The team of G2 had slight difficulties in the games at the beginning of the RMR, but meanwhile they have stabilized and are in the Major. We have summarized some of the matches for you here!

BIG stays strong against Vitality

For BIG, the Series started off strong on their own pick, Mirage. In the first half, they were able to take a couple of rounds to take a 9-6 lead, and BIG continued to put on a strong performance after the turn of the page. Most notably, Karim ‘Krimbo’ Moussa was able to shine on the CT side, hitting three headshots in a 2v4 situation on the Bombsite. Vitality could only win 4 rounds and after a total of 7 rounds BIG could close the map with 16:10. On Nuke, things unfortunately didn’t go as well for BIG as Vitality was strong on their pick. With 10:5 in the irst half the French team was in the lead and also after the change BIG had a hard time to get into the game.

For Vitality, especially Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut delivered, who was able to prevent a Plant with a 1v2 clutch. With 16:9 Vitality could win the map and it went on to Overpass. Vitality really turned up the heat on the decider and left hardly any opportunities for BIG. After the first half the score was 4:11 for our German representatives. Hope dies last, but BIG could not recover from the deficit in the second half. With 16:7 the map and with it the Series went to the French. So they qualified for the Major and BIG has another chance against NiP today at 10am. The loser will then have one last chance to qualify for the Major in the Last Chance Qualifier!

G2 wins against Cloud9

G2 has shown his best side in this series. It went down to C9’s pick, Vertigo, where they struggled quite a bit. Once again the prodigy Ilya ‘m0NESY’ Osipov could convince, hitting four headshots, three of them with the Deagle. When the sides were changed it was 10:5 them and C9 had extreme problems also in the second half, so they could win only one round.

With 16:6 G2 won the map. On Inferno they were just as strong and even if C9 got along better on the map, it wasn’t enough. After the first half it was again 10:5 for G2 and even if C9 tried to start a comeback in the second half with 8 rounds, it was not enough. With 16:13 G2 took the Series and secured a place at the Major!