BLAST Spring Final: Vitality defeats FaZe, Imperial better than CoL

BLAST Spring Final: Vitality defeats FaZe, Imperial better than CoL

10. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

At the BLAST Spring Final, Vitality held its own against FaZe’s CS:GO lineup in a strong match, and Complexity also lost to Imperial. Imperial and Vitality thus move on to the semi-finals.

Imperial won against Complexity with 2:0. Vitality defeated FaZe 2-0 (Anubis 19-17 and Mirage 16-8) to secure a place in the top four at the BLAST Spring Final. Vitality must play G2 next, Imperial against Heroic.

Imperial vs. Complexity

The match started on Vertigo. Complexity got off to a slow start on the T side as they lost to Forcebuy and only managed four rounds in the first half.
Things went a little better on the CT side and they scored the first points to catch up.

Soon it was a draw, but in the end it was Imperial who came out on top on the map with a relatively close 16-14. On the second map, Overpass, it was much the same. Imperial looked more dominant overall and Complexity fell further and further behind. In the end, the Brazilians prevailed 16-6 and won the match 2-0. Imperial will play Heroic next.

Vitality vs. FaZe

The first map in FaZe’s match against Vitality was Anubis. Vitality took an early lead but FaZe countered immediately. Both teams looked strong and in the second half Faze jumped ahead, 13-9, but apEX won a 1vs2 which allowed Vitality to overtake FaZe. Vitality won the map 19-17 in the first overtime. The next map was Mirage. In the first half of Mirage, Vitality got off to another dominant start, winning the pistol and building a 5-1 lead. FaZe fought their way back into the game by keeping Vitality’s Economy on their toes throughout the first half with a couple of close Eco rounds, but were still three points behind at half time and it was starting to look like who might win the game.

The second half was a relatively clear affair and it quickly became clear who would dominate the match from then on. Thanks to a quad kill from Lotan “Spinx” Giladi, Vitality managed to get into double figures and seized control of the map, while FaZe obviously ran out of puff completely and faltered shortly before the end of the match. Vitality eventually finished the game 16-8 and won the match 2-0.

The team thus moves into the semi-finals against G2, which will be played in front of a live audience. The event is endowed with 425,000 dollars.