BLAST Spring Final: Heroic beats Vitality, secures World Final spot

BLAST Spring Final: Heroic beats Vitality, secures World Final spot

12. June 2023 by Andrew Williams

Heroic won the BLAST Premier Spring Final against Vitality 2-1 (Vertigo 16-9, Mirage 10-16, Inferno 16-9). The win has secured Heroic a place at the BLAST World Final at the end of the year. We have summarised the thrilling final for you.

Heroic vs. Vitality

The match started on Vertigo and Heroic had the reins in their hands straight away. They took a 3-0 lead. Vitality reared back briefly and managed to add a few points, but then a Deagle 4K from Jakob “jabbi” Nygaard ensured that Heroic regained control of the match as they kept going for the bombsites and ended up posting a 9-6 lead. Vitality looked weak in the second half as well and the Danish team eventually finished off Vertigo 16-9.

The second map was Mirage. Again Heroic took the lead but then the tide turned. apEX pushed their team and took the lead till half time and they did not relinquish it in the second half. Vitality showed great dominance and aggressiveness on the T-side and Heroic could only watch as the opposing team roared away with the win, ending the map at 16-10.

Decider on Inferno

Vitality took a 5-1 lead first, but could only get two more rounds by halftime as Heroic was able to cut it to nine rounds by halftime thanks to solid defence. The second half was again relatively one-sided and it became apparent who would win the match. Vitality only managed to win two rounds on defence, one of which was only due to an accident by cadiaN. Apart from that, most of the final map was under Heroic’s control. The Danes were able to win the match 16-9 to take the match 2-1.

cadiaN named MVP of BLAST Spring Final

Jakob “jabbi” Nygaard led the team with 59 frags and a rating of 1.23 on 3 maps and was superbly supported by his leader Casper “cadiaN” Møller and Rasmus “sjuush” Beck. Although Martin “stavn” Lund and René “TeSeS” Madsen didn’t play to their usual standards, it was just enough to win the match. With this win the season took a good turn for Heroic, as they finally managed to take home a trophy after what seemed like a million second place finishes. CadiaN was voted MVP of the event after another stellar showing as IGL and on the AWP.