BLAST Plans to Host a Counter-Strike Major in the USA After Seven Years

BLAST Plans to Host a Counter-Strike Major in the USA After Seven Years

21. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

BLAST is reportedly planning to bring a Counter-Strike Major back to the United States in 2025, marking the first event of this caliber in North America since 2018. This exciting development follows a report by HLTV, suggesting that BLAST aims to reignite the American esports scene with one of Valve’s most prestigious tournaments.

Anticipated Announcement During Spring Final 2024

BLAST is expected to confirm the news during the Spring Final 2024, scheduled to take place in London, UK, from June 12 to June 16. This will mark BLAST’s second Major organization, with their first being the Paris Major in 2023, which concluded the era of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Event Location and Schedule

The proposed venue for the 2025 Major is Austin, Texas, bringing the tournament back to the USA after the last American Major in Boston, 2018. The event is slated to run from June 9 to June 22, following a similar schedule to previous years, with a Major in the first half and another in December.

The first Counter-Strike 2 Major was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2023, and the next will be in Shanghai, China, in December 2024.

The Historic 2018 Boston Major

For North American fans, this event rekindles memories of the 2018 Boston Major, where Cloud9 achieved a legendary victory against FaZe Clan. The intense final saw Cloud9 triumph in a 2-1 series, making them the first American team to win a Major. This historic moment remains a highlight in the annals of Counter-Strike esports.


Previous North American Majors

North America has a rich history of hosting Counter-Strike Majors. The MLG Columbus Major in 2016 and the ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta in 2017 saw champions Luminosity and Astralis rise to glory.

Astralis’s victory in Atlanta was particularly notable as it was the first of their four Major titles, with Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye becoming the youngest MVP in Major final history.

The Significance of Hosting in Austin

Hosting a Major in Austin, Texas, holds special significance. Not only does it mark a return to the United States, but it also places the event in the home state of Complexity Gaming, based in Frisco, Texas. This could provide a local boost to the esports community and offer an engaging atmosphere for fans and competitors alike.

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Potential Challenges and Expectations

While a Major in Texas would be a monumental event for the North American esports scene, it remains to be seen how this will affect other regions such as Canada and Mexico, who are still waiting for their opportunity to host a Major.

However, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this potential announcement are palpable among the North American Counter-Strike community.

Key Highlights and Bonuses

  • Expected Confirmation: During Spring Final 2024 in London.
  • Event Dates: June 9-22, 2025.
  • Location: Austin, Texas.
  • Historical Context: First North American Major since 2018’s Boston Major.
  • Local Impact: Potential boost for Texas-based esports organizations like Complexity Gaming.

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In summary, BLAST’s initiative to host a Counter-Strike Major in the USA signals a significant milestone for North American esports. With anticipation building and historical precedents to reflect upon, the esports community eagerly awaits this monumental event, poised to celebrate the resurgence of top-tier competitive gaming on American soil.