BLAST Paris Major FaZe are out, BNE and MOUZ dominate

BLAST Paris Major FaZe are out, BNE and MOUZ dominate

9. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

At the EU RMR of the BLAST Paris Major, 1WIN, and Sprout have been Eliminated. Yesterday ITB succeeded versus B8, while Falcons lost against GamerLegion and Also, FaZe surprisingly lost to Bad News Eagles from Kosovo, and they also lost their match versus MOUZ which means they are eliminated!

1WIN FaZe and SPROUT eliminated from EU RMR

1WIN and Sprout have both been eliminated from the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR A. 1WIN lost to OG, while Sprout was eliminated in the B stream against Apeks. 1WIN had a good start at the beginning of the tournament against Bad News Eagles, but had no luck after that. After that came defeats against fnatic, GamerLegion and OG and that’s the end of their campaign.

Sprout has also been eliminated. The mainly Danish-Romanian lineup stumbled from the start and just couldn’t get a foothold. The campaign of Sprout was full of losses, but at least they got one win, against Viperio. Apart from that they had to bow to Into the Breach, Falcons and in the end against Apeks. This means that the dream of Paris has been shattered for the German organization as well. Apeks and OG remain in the tournament.

MOUZ defeats

MOUZ has won against with 2:0. has thus been eliminated. used David “n0rb3r7” Danielyan instead of Aleksandr “KaiR0N-” Anashkin, which was not worth it for the Russian team. MOUZ defeated the Russian team 2-0 (16-9 Mirage and 16-5 Ancient), with Ádám “torzsi” Torzsás and David “frozen” Čerňanský performing particularly well for their team.

MOUZ will next play together with OG and Apeks for a place for the Paris Major. had problems to prevail against MOUZ and could only register three rounds on Mirage and Ancient. They managed a small comeback on Mirage and got to nine rounds on the CT side, but things didn’t go well at all on Ancient and they lost the map 5-16.

GamerLegion defeats Falcons

GamerLegion will also be at the Paris Major after they defeated the Falcons. GamerLegion first lost to Apeks (8-16), but then won against OG (16-9) and against 1WIN. The match against the Falcons was not an easy one.

GamerLegion won Overpass 16-14 and the Falcons triumphed on Inferno 16-12 and then on Mirage GamerLegion prevailed.

Into the Breach defeats B8

Into the Breach became the fourth team to qualify for the Paris Major, after defeating B8 2-1 (16-13 Ancient, 20-22 Mirage, Vertigo 16-7). Into the Breach was one of the biggest surprises during RMR: they defeated Ukrainian top team Natus Vincere with 22:19, Sprout with 16:7 and with 16:13 and lastly B8.

Into the Breach is the first British team to qualify for a major.

BNE causes upsets with win over FaZe

Bad News Eagles defeated FaZe by an incredible 2-0 score to move on to the Paris Major. The Kosovar team, first suffered a loss against 1WIN (9-16), but then turned around and defeated Viperio (16-9), Apeks (19-16) and lastly even the top team FaZe (2-0). The Bad News Eagles dominated on FaZe’s map pick, Inferno, taking a 9-6 lead at the change of ends. ESD put together a five-run to add a 16-10 win on the first map.

On Mirage, the Bad News Eagles made it a 9-6 start, but the lead melted away during the second half as FaZe went 14 rounds. However, the Bad News Eagles were not deterred and successfully finished the second map to secure a spot at the Major. The defeat is a big disappointment for FaZe, who lost to Bad News Eagles for the second time in a row. The last time the two teams met was at the IEM Rio Major in Brazil, where BNE also won against FaZe.

FaZe will play MOUZ next today, Sunday. Natus Vincere, GamerLegion, fnatic, Into the Breach and BNE have thus qualified to participate in the Paris Major.