BLAST Paris CS:GO Major: A Record-Breaking Triumph in Sticker Sales

BLAST Paris CS:GO Major: A Record-Breaking Triumph in Sticker Sales

12. January 2024 by Never

The Paris CS:GO Major, a landmark event in the history of Counter-Strike, has set an unparalleled record in the realm of esports. As the final Major before the monumental shift to CS2, it achieved staggering sales in stickers and sticker capsules, outstripping the combined total of the previous three Majors.

Sticker Sales: A New Benchmark

The report, sourced from HLTV and Dust2 Brasil, revealed that the Paris Major’s sticker sales exceeded a remarkable $110 million. This revenue was distributed among the teams and players, varying across the different capsules:

  • Contenders Capsule: Leading the sales, teams like Liquid and FaZe earned about $4.5 million each, plus $250,000 per player.
  • Legends Capsule: Featuring teams like NAVI and Vitality, earned $3.5 million per team and $200,000 per player.
  • Challengers Capsule: With teams like G2 and NiP, secured $2.6 million per team and $200,000 per player.

Comparisons with Previous Majors

The BLAST Paris Major’s financial success overshadowed the previous three Majors:

  • StarLadder Major Berlin: Paid out over $11 million.
  • PGL Stockholm and Antwerp Majors: Combined payout of $70 million.

The BLAST Paris Major’s success is attributed partly to its status as the final CS:GO Major before transitioning to CS2, sparking a surge in sticker prices and player anticipation. paris

Impact on CS:GO’s Popularity

The sale of sticker capsules had a collateral effect on CS:GO’s player base. The game witnessed its highest monthly average player count in May 2023, the month when the stickers were released, and this surge persisted until September.

BLAST Paris CS:GO Major Shatters Sales Record with $110M in Stickers

The Paris CS:GO Major has not only redefined financial success in esports but also underscored the enduring appeal of Counter-Strike. As the game transitions into a new era with CS2, this event stands as a testament to its legacy and the community’s unwavering enthusiasm.