Big treasure in a CS:GO player’s forgotten inventory

Big treasure in a CS:GO player’s forgotten inventory

14. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently news broke out that a CS:GO player had a significantly forgotten in-game inventory. The player can buy a house with the proceeds from the sales of all the items in the inventory.

Big treasure in a CS:GO player’s forgotten inventory

Think how a person has a great treasure in his possession and spends a long time without knowing it. Perhaps for many people, that is impossible; however, that is the story of a CS:GO player, the guy had in his possession a great treasure in his inventory, and he did not know its value.

This player found an important collection of the most prized stickers by CS:GO collectors; we are talking about the holographic stickers of the teams that participated in the “ESL Major Series One Katowice 2014.”

Those specific stickers may be worth more than gold for many CS: GO, players. Due to the scarcity and distinctive look, the ESL One Katowice 2014 holo stickers are among the most coveted cosmetics in the entire game. However, the owner of this important collection of items was unaware of this fact until very recently.

Fortunately for this player, he had a friend who was a collector of CS:GO skins; thanks to his friend’s advice, the player could sell the stickers for a significant sum. It can be said that the money received for his stickers is enough to buy a high-end car or even a house.

Selling a CS:GO player’s forgotten inventory

A couple of days ago, the story of the CS:GO player’s forgotten inventory became known. TDM_Jesus, the CS:GO skin collector, was in charge of helping the player to sell his forgotten inventory. The owner of the sticker collection has received $296,924.71 worth of Tether; this cryptocurrency is currently worth approximately $446,894.

The skin collector notes in his post that the inventory owner had no idea of the value of the treasure he had inside CS:GO. The good news is that he has just earned significant money that will change his life.

Inside the player’s collection were 3 Titan and iBUYPower holo stickers; we are discussing the rarest stickers in CS:GO. In addition, some Dignitas stickers from EMS One Katowice 2014 were within the sold inventory.

The comments on TDM_Jesus’ post were of complete amazement, how a player was unaware of such a treasure and its great value. One of the comments read that it is crazy that an inventory of this quality goes unnoticed. Many people consider it crazy.

Now, it is possible that when CS2 comes out this summer, CS:GO skins will increase in price. However, this player has netted nearly half a million dollars from the sale of inventory he didn’t know he had.