BetBoom Penalized for Exploiting Dota 2 Bug at ESL One Birmingham 2024

BetBoom Penalized for Exploiting Dota 2 Bug at ESL One Birmingham 2024

23. April 2024 by Never

Controversy arises at ESL One Birmingham 2024 as BetBoom Team faces penalties for exploiting a Dota 2 bug during the tournament.

The Incident: Exploiting the Shadow Demon Bug

BetBoom Team, led by Vitalie “Save-” Melnic, came under scrutiny after exploiting a Dota 2 bug that allowed their Shadow Demon to possess a level three ultimate at hero level twelve

During their match against G2 x iG, Save from BetBoom was observed with a fully upgraded ultimate ability at an unusually low hero level, attributed to the exploitation of the bug involving Shadow Demon.

The Exploited Bug: Shadow Demon’s Ability Linkage

The bug, originally discovered by a community member and shared on Reddit, involved Shadow Demon’s abilities Demonic Cleanse and Demonic Purge becoming linked due to a coding error.


This linkage allowed players to upgrade Demonic Purge to Level 3 early by leveling up Demonic Cleanse, leading to an unintended advantage for Shadow Demon players.

Consequences: Level 2 Draft Penalty Imposed

Despite exploiting the bug, BetBoom Team faced defeat in both the game against G2 x iG and the subsequent match. ESL One Birmingham 2024 organizers imposed a ‘Level 2 Draft Penalty’ as a consequence of the violation.

Valve made Shadow Demon’s shard a basic ability. It is possible to get lvl 3 Demonic Purge on lvl 6.
byu/_degamus_ inDotA2

Previous Incidents and Penalties

This isn’t the first time BetBoom Team has faced penalties in a tournament. In the previous Bali Major, a member of the team was caught watching a stream during a pause, resulting in a ‘Level Four Loss’ penalty for the team.

Maintaining Fair Play: ESL One Birmingham 2024 Stresses Integrity in Esports

The incident underscores the importance of fair play and integrity in esports tournaments. ESL One Birmingham 2024 organizers remain vigilant in ensuring a level playing field for all participants, imposing penalties for violations of tournament rules.