Best Weapons in CoD: Mobile Season 1 – Dominating the Battlefield

Best Weapons in CoD: Mobile Season 1 – Dominating the Battlefield

15. January 2024 by Never

As CoD: Mobile launches into its fresh Season 1, players are eagerly seeking the top primary weapons to dominate both casual and ranked matches. This year’s first season promises a balanced meta, continuing the legacy of the previous season with some notable shifts. Let’s dive into the primary arsenal that stands out, unaffected by the recent game updates.

1. HVK-30

The Reigning Champion: The HVK-30 continues to rule as the top assault rifle in CoD: Mobile Season 1. Thanks to the buffs in Seasons 6 and 8 of 2023, this rifle saw significant improvements in base damage, impact, and ammo capacity with its Large Caliber Ammunition.


Optimal Performance: To fully leverage its medium to long-range lethality, equipping the large ammo magazine is crucial. This setup ensures a headshot kill with just two bullets, making the HVK-30 a deadly choice in your arsenal.

2. Switchblade X9

Aggressive Playstyle Ally: The Switchblade X9, a submachine gun, excels in aggressive strategies, often outperforming its counterparts with its minimal recoil and high fire rate.


Close-Quarters Dominance: The gun boasts a high-capacity magazine, ideal for melting faces in close combat. Its mobility is a bonus, often outmatching similar class weapons.

3. Grau 5.56

Versatile and Deadly: Despite the nerf in Season 11 of 2023, the Grau 5.56 assault rifle maintains its versatility in range and performance.


Steady and Powerful: It offers a high rate of fire and damage with minimal recoil, making it a lethal option in the current meta. Always check the iron sights and ammo type of your barrel choice to avoid rapid ammo depletion.

4. DR-H

Buffed and Better: The DR-H assault rifle received significant buffs on CoD: Mobile’s 4th anniversary, including faster reload speed and a 25-round Moving Magazine without penalties.

dr h

Damage and Mobility: The Moving Magazine is now more popular, offering advantages without compromising other stats, unlike the 30-round version.

5. CX-9

The Comfort Choice: The CX-9 submachine gun, rivaling the Switchblade X9 and the Fennec, received major buffs in Season 10 of 2023, enhancing its range, chest damage multiplier, hip-fire accuracy, and bullet velocity.


Aggressive Yet Balanced: Ideal for aggressive playstyles, it offers a high rate of fire with challenging recoil management, suitable for short to medium-range combat.

Mastering the Best Weapons in CoD: Mobile Season 1

Season 1 of CoD: Mobile brings a variety of weapons catering to different playstyles. Whether you prefer the stability and range of the HVK-30 or the aggressive tactics of the CX-9, there’s a weapon for every strategy. Equip the right attachments, understand your weapon’s strengths, and dominate the battlefield in CoD: Mobile’s exciting new season.