Best Midfielders in EA FC 24: Top Rated, Meta, and Budget

Best Midfielders in EA FC 24: Top Rated, Meta, and Budget

11. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

With over 19,000 players in EA FC 24, the game hosts some of the best midfielders that can shape your team’s performance. Let’s delve into the realm of midfield maestros, ranging from the cream of the crop to the hidden gems.

Top-Rated Midfielders in EA FC 24: Player Rankings

Aitana BonmatiFC BarcelonaCMTOTS97
PeleBrazilCAMIcon Ultimate Birthday97
Jude BellinghamReal MadridCAMTOTS97
Lionel MessiInter MiamiCAMTOTS Plus97
Zinedine ZidaneFranceCMIcon Future Stars96
Kevin De BruyneManchester CityCMTOTS Moments96
Alexia PutellasBarcelonaCMTOTS Moments96
Luka ModricReal MadridCMTOTS Live96
Federico ValverdeReal MadridCMTOTS96
Declan RiceArsenalCDMTOTS96
RodriManchester CityCDMTOTS96
Florian WirtzBayer LeverkusenCAMTOTS96
Lena OberdorfWolfsburgCDMTOTS96
Grace GeyoroPSGCMTOTS96
RonaldinhoBrazilCAMIcon Future Stars95


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Top Meta Midfielders in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

The meta midfielders in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team boast attributes exceeding 90 points across the board, making them formidable choices for any team composition. Here are the standout meta midfielders:

PlayerClubPositionVersionRatingPrice (in millions)
Ruud GullitNetherlandsCMIcon Ultimate Birthday949.8M
Jude BellinghamReal MadridCAMTOTS978.1M
PeleBrazilCMIcon Ultimate Birthday977.9M
Lionel MessiInter MiamiCAMTOTS976.61M
RonaldinhoBrazilCAMIcon Future Stars955.1M
Patrick VieiraFranceCMIcon TOTY933.29M
Zinedine ZidaneFranceCMIcon Future Stars962.7M
Luka ModricReal MadridCMTOTS Live962.45M
Alexia PutellasBarcelonaCMTOTS962.29M
Toni KroosReal MadridCDMUCL RTTF932.19M
Paulo DybalaRomaCAMTOTS961.9M
Aitana BonmatiBarcelonaCMTOTS971.77M
Andrea PirloItalyCMUltimate Birthday941.7M


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Best Budget Midfielders in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

For those on a tighter budget, here are some cost-effective midfielders who offer excellent value for their price:

Hakan CalhanogluInter MilanCDMTOTS94149,000
Xavi SimonsRB LeipzigCAMTOTS93140,000
Ruben Loftus-CheekAC MilanCAMTOTS Live93133,000
Lorenzo PellegriniRomaCMTOTS9381,000
Quinten TimberFeyenoordCMTOTS Plus9275,000
Sergio BusquetsInter MiamiCDMTOTS Moments9352,000
Alexis MacAllisterLiverpoolCMTOTS9251,000
Amel MajriLyonCMFantasy FC9230,000
Georgia StanwayBayern MunichCDMFantasy FC9327,000


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Quantifying a midfielder’s performance throughout a season is exceedingly challenging. Unlike forwards, whose contributions can be clearly measured, the true value of a midfielder lies in their influence on a match’s tempo and flow.

For instance, while Rodri may not feature prominently in the goal-scoring statistics, his ability to disrupt opposition attacks and dictate play is invaluable to his team’s success.