TFT: Best Compositions of Patch 14.8

TFT: Best Compositions of Patch 14.8

19. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The world of Teamfight Tactics continues to evolve, and with patch 14.8 of Set 11, new compositions emerge as dominant on the battlefield. It’s time to elevate your elo to the maximum with these unbeatable strategies.

Driade Hyper Roll

image 76


The Driade Hyper Roll composition stands out for its focus on Gnar and Kindred, both ascending to 3 stars. By stabilizing at level 6, prioritize upgrading these two carries to reach your maximum potential.

Obtaining a Driade Emblem or creating one with Spatula + Belt will significantly strengthen your board. In later stages, incorporate Kayn (with the Emblem) and Ornn as your main tank. This composition is undeniably the most powerful of patch 14.8.


image 77

Domadragones requires a solid economy and a gradual leveling progression until reaching level 8. Once stabilized, level up to 9 and look to complete your team. Azir and Hwei will be your main sources of damage, while Ornn and Rakan protect your backlines. Prepare a team with plenty of damage, but exercise caution due to the lack of AD damage.

Bullies with Kai’Sa

image 78

This composition shines with its unbreakable frontline and multiple sources of DPS in the backline. Galio and Sylas protect your DPS while Kai’Sa, equipped with a damage build and Shojin, unleashes her ability constantly. Quickly reach level 8 and consider ascending to level 9 to include Xayah and bolster your damage potential.


With these powerful compositions, you’ll be ready to dominate the battlefield of Teamfight Tactics in patch 14.8 of Set 11. Elevate your elo to the maximum and achieve supreme victory!

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