The Critique of TFT Balance by Bebe 872: A Master Gamer’s Perspective

The Critique of TFT Balance by Bebe 872: A Master Gamer’s Perspective

24. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Renowned TFT legend Bebe 872 recently voiced his dissatisfaction with the balance team of Teamfight Tactics on social media platform X. His assertive critique, coming from a consistent challenger-tier player and a respected content creator, has sparked significant discussion in the gaming community.

Who is Bebe 872?

Bebe 872 is a prominent figure in the TFT world, known for consistently achieving the rank 1 status and being a vital contributor to Riot Games events as a commentator. His deep understanding and adaptability to the meta have made him a crucial reference point in the TFT community.


Key Criticisms by Bebe 872

  • Mismanagement of Resources: Bebe 872 accuses Riot Games of financial losses due to inefficient management of the TFT balance team. He questions the value of the team, citing their limited scope of work and a long history of negative feedback from the community.
  • Balance Issues: He argues that the current TFT balance does not cater to either competitive or casual players, resulting in a game that fails to be either challenging or enjoyable.
  • Patch Process: Bebe criticizes the balance patches for being overly brief and infrequent, suggesting that the work involved could be accomplished more regularly.
  • Misdirected Investments: He points out that investments in Korean TFT tournaments are not effectively promoting the game’s growth in the region, as many of the involved content creators and influencers are not directly related to TFT.

The Influence of North American Playstyle

Bebe 872 believes that the TFT balance is overly influenced by the playstyle of North American competitive players, which prioritizes higher levels and cost-4 pieces. He argues that this approach neglects the preferences of casual players and the competitive scene in other regions.

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Community’s Reaction to Bebe 872

Despite some valid points, Bebe 872’s post and subsequent attitude on social media have drawn criticism for several reasons:

  • Unwarranted Attacks: His aggressive stance against the balance team, accused of favoring the North American community, has been deemed excessive.
  • Egocentrism: The self-centric tone of his post and his dismissive responses to critics have been widely frowned upon.
  • Questionable Claims: Some of his criticisms are refutable, as reroll compositions have been prominent in the game, including in major tournaments.


Bebe 872’s comments reflect a significant player’s deep frustrations with the current state of TFT. While some of his criticisms hold merit, the manner of delivery and some unfounded accusations have overshadowed the legitimate issues he raises. This situation highlights the challenges of balancing a diverse and evolving competitive game like TFT.

The Discontent of Bebe 872

Going forward, it would be beneficial for Riot Games to consider a broader range of player feedback in their balancing efforts, ensuring that both competitive and casual players find enjoyment and challenge in TFT.

Additionally, fostering open and constructive communication between prominent community members, like Bebe 872, and the game developers could lead to more effective and inclusive game development strategies.